[News] TVXQ, “1st Idol Award” Winner!

The SportsChoSun.net “1st Idol Award” TVXQ was the final winner.

The popular vote by 55,899 votes (36.5 percent) went to TVXQ and they got 28% of the vote from the ChoSun Ilbo reporters. They recieved the highest score for their final score 33.1 points out of all the other Idol candidates.

Big Bang got popular votes of 40,792 votes (26.6%) making them 2nd to TVXQ on that aspect, but they recieved a total of 31% votes from the reporters, taking the lead against TVXQ. Their final score, however, was 28.4 points, placing them at finally number 2.

Super Junior (17.8) Wonder Girls (5.0) FT Island (4.3) SS501 (3.7) SNSD (3.2) SHINEE (1.9) 2PM (1.4) and 2AM (1.3) follows.

Since January 6th for the past two weeks until final votation deadline date the popularity poll for the “1st Idol Award” had a congestion of traffic on the homepage and was down several times, showing that it obtained an explosive response from the fans. The fierce voting between the two leading bands TVXQ and Big Bang’s fans in particular was a heated competition.

Of our time the Idol group covers ‘Idol Award’ popular vote and ChoSun reporters vote. The popular vote was conducted on 10 bands amounting to 60% and from the ChoSun Ilbo reporters 40% combining the two for the final score will indicate the winner.

Source: scblog.chosun.com/savababy
Translated by: fangirlmitz


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