[News] Jaejoong: It Was A Great Regret.

Hero Jaejoong’s Movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’
Acting Challenge “It was a great regret”

TVXQ’s member, Hero Jaejoong turned to an actor through the South Korea and Japan co-production film ‘Heaven’s Postman’.

Hero Jaejoong was declared to be an actor through which will be screened on the first half of the year. ‘Heaven’s Postman’ is a film of the cooperation of PD Hyeong-min Lee, the director of KBS ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’ and Eriko Kitagawa, the scriptwriter of ‘空から降る一億の星 Sora kara Furu ichi Oku no Hoshi’.

Hero Jaejoong acted as a postman from the heaven in the film, he is a unusual boy that will help those who are going to die or their families to sent their letters to the heaven, Han Gyo Joo will act as Hero Jaejoong’s lover in the film.

Hero Jaejoong have already finish all the filmings since last year. The filming of 2 episodes have started from the beginning of November last year, the filming time was lasted for 1 month plus. During the filming, Hero Jaejoong had also displayed the possibility of becoming an actor.

SMEntertainment official spokesman said on 15 Jan that “Jaejoong was very troubled about his own acting and he had also left many regrets on his first acting challenge” “He had a great interest in acting, therefore if there is any good opportunity during the singer activities, he will also starred in other works”.

On the other side, TVXQ who is preparing for their Japan activities for the New Year, would be releasing a new single next week and continue with their music activities.

Korean Translated: 龙熙鱼
Chinese Translated: Jaesica
Credits: DNBN + Hero 点 点 @ TVXQBaidu + 类 + 艾-ai + fangirlmitz

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