[Video] 090121 Fan Meet-DBSK Acting Cute (Junsu Version)

CM: (to Junsu) Stop talking nonsense.
JS: (to Changmin) Don’t you like me?
CM: (to Junsu) I worship you. (so funny-Changmin sarcasm)
YC: Junsu.
JS: Huh, yoochun-ah?
YC: Junsu giraffe is here.
JS: it’s me giraffe (cute giraffe voice)
MC: Not sure about this part, sorry
YC+CM+JS: Yunho, Yunho, Yunho
JS: Yunho really has no exceptions. (i’m guessing he’s making fun of YH)
YC: That’s the boyfriend.
YH: (pointing to Junsu) You are bad!
JS: Yunho, Yunho, do you like garlic juice?
YH: I like apple juice.
YC: Yunho has a new boyfriend, Jaejoong, Jaejoong
JJ : Did you call me? (in a more grown up voice)
JS: He’s a gangster!
JJ: No, I’m not!
?: (saying a gag about kimchi soup)
JJ: No, it’s not.
JS: How old are you?
JJ: Im 10 years old.
JS: He’s a scary older brother.
YC: There is 7 years age gap
YH: Ahhh, what to do?
JJ: Looking at it I would say, young and cute. (referring to Yunho perhaps?haha)

Eng. Trans. Credit: Yun206
Credit: picnicXiah+xiahsoul

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