[News] 2008 Star Music Industry, Advancing to Overseas Market Oustide the Grounds Confrontation


Last year the countries’ top stars are abundantly active. In 2009, targeting overseas markets, the competitional face-off is still on outside their hometown. BoA and SE7EN declared their United States tour, while TVXQ, Wonder Girls and Big Bang, bands which was active in domestic last year, are turning their eyes towards the US and Japan overseas market invasion as their plans.

Firstly, TVXQ’s 4th album MIROTIC at the end of last year swept away all the big hit awards, and now they will once again try for the Japanese market. Already in Japan they achieved their 5th consecutive Oricon Daily Singles Number 1 song for their single Bolero (reporter wrote “Wasurenaide”) as soon as it went on sale on the 21st. This is already the sixth number 1 of TVXQ in the Oricon Daily Single Chart. At the end of the year they appeared on NHK Kohaku in the first half, proving their status in Japan. In March they will be releasing their Japanese album, and have announced the plan to focus their activities for the first half of the year there.

Last year and this year TVXQ has been going on activities without pause to rise to their Korean fans’ expectations. Last year, with 5 of their released Japanese singles getting number 1 in the Oricon Weekly Charts, they rose above idol group Arashi with the most number 1 record and showing strong position because of it. In the heart of Asia, including Japan, as TVXQ walks their path, they get the attention of music fans.

This year Big Bang is determined to be a star in Japan. November last year, their single With You had a local passionate reaction from the Japanese fans from it’s release in the hot summer there, and plan to make aggressive attacks for the Japanese market. In late January Big Bang will start their concert as well as personal activities, with their solo singles showing off musical skills. They will also have activities in Japan this summer and a new album in Korea for the second half of the year. They will be busy with overseas activites at home and abroad.

Wonder Girls’ tour during the first half of the year overseas stretched out to the world as they plan to strenghten their foothold internationally staring with March 28 at the first concert in Bangkok, Thailand and then to the United States, then LA, Orange County, as well as a concert in New York to meet foreign fans.

Active last year, world star Rain will also be debuting with an album in the United States, and is determined to make it as a singer there.

In addition to the U.S. debut in October last year, Se7en will also be attacking the world market for the first half of the year.

Source: hero@mydaily.co.kr
Translated by: fangirlmitz

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