[Photos + Trans] Music Trip Nippon Broadcasting 090124


Photo Credit: Trip@joqr

MC: This is the afternoon broadcast, where we always feature great artists. Today we have Tohoshinki as our guests. Hello everyone!
All: Hello everyone, we are THSK.
MC: Firstly, can everyone introduce themselves? -Beams-
YC: Thank you, Junsu.
JS: Long time no see, I’m Junsu.
YC: I’m Yoochun, who’s beside Junsu.
JJ: I’m Yunho…
YH: …
CM: Jaejoong, Jaejoong.
JJ: Keke, I’m Jaejoong.
YH: This is Yunho.
CM: I’m Changmin, please take care of us.
MC: Please take care of them, Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, all five of them are here today and this is their second time taking part in Music Trip. The previous time was the life broadcast in November 2007, and I’m really grateful to everyone for that. What time did you get out of bed this morning?
YC: This morning… around 10.
JJ: 8 plus.
MC: Why did everyone get up at different times?
YH: Its slightly different.
JS: We’re in different rooms.

YC: I did get up, but I was still sort of half-asleep.
JS: Half-asleep
YC: And then it was 10 plus…
JS: And then it was 10 plus… 10… 10… (why does he keep repeating this? xD) Got up at around 10
MC: But everyone looks quite refreshed.
YH: En… Junsu’s a little…
JS: I slept really early last night, so I’m feel great now
MC: You are?
JS: I am!
MC: So you’re feeling great today…
YH: Why does it seem a little incomprehensible…
JS: I’m feeling great.
MC: That’s great! Who got the least sleep last night, then? Jaejoong?
JJ: No
MC: No?
JJ: No, I slept really well. I think its…
YC: Actually, Yunho slept at around 2am; Changmin and I slept at around 3.
MC: But Changmin looks great
CM: Yeah I feel great, because I’m young, keke
YH: You aren’t supposed to say this sort of stuff yourself
CM: Anyway, it is like that.
MC: Did everyone have breakfast after they woke up?
YC: No, not yet.

MC: Does everyone eat very fast?
JS: We work very hard at that (at eating fast, I suppose)
MC: Is there anyone with very messy hair?
JJ: Usually, Junsu does, haha.
JS: No, no, its just that because we’re recording today
YH: So you’re a little…
JS: A little careless.
All: Hahahahaha
MC: You don’t seem careless today.
YC + JS: Because of the show
MC: Really, I’m glad to hear that! Now we’re taking pictures, please come to the front.
JS: Okok
MC: Congratulations on taking part in Kohaku Uta Gassen last year, you really got to go.
All: Thank you.
MC: It was a dream to take part in Kohaku, wasn’t it, so how do you feel now that you’ve achieved this dream? Although I think I’ve already asked this many times
YC: It was great
JJ: There were a lot of
YH: We saw lots of great artistes, and because we really wanted to take part in the show, so it was… to me, it really was a surprise.
MC: What were you surprised about?
YH: We saw all those artists… those that we only saw on TV. We really saw them, and that was really interesting.
MC: Uh, so there really is a unique atmosphere.

JJ: Yes, yes.
MC: How did it feel?
YC: Haha
MC: What did you feel? The unique atmosphere that Yoochun felt was…?
YC: It was really special.. for me, I was surprised by Kobayashi Sachiko’s costume. It was really interesting.
CM: Really grand.
MC: The costume looked huge on TV, and it looked great in real life, too?
JS: It was really huge.
JJ: It didn’t look merely like a costume, it resembled a backdrop.
JS: That’s right.
MC: Yes, there were many changes as well (referring to the costume). Today’s programme is going to be interesting as well, fans would want to know what we are discussing today as well. Are there many music ceremonies in Korea as well?
JJ: En, yes.
MC: Ceremonies like end-of-year award shows?
JJ: Yes, there are. We had to shuttle between 2 countries because we had to take part in award ceremonies in both Korea and Japan.
MC: It was always like that, but it was even more intense the past 2 months, wasn’t it?
All: Yes, it was especially so.
JS: Even so, we felt really fortunate/happy.
MC: Fortunate?
JS: Fortunate.
JJ: Then, Mr Junsu, what , in your opinion, was the most fortunate thing?
JS: Well, to THSK, (he said an extra “の”)
JS: We were really happy to be able to participate in ceremonies in both Japan and Korea, weren’t we?

All: Ohh~
JS: That was really fortunate
JJ: That makes you fortunate?
JS: That’s enough
[All laughs]
MC: JJ is really quiet
JJ: I’m not quiet, its just that Junsu really likes to express his feelings in this way
MC: The one most apt at expressing his feelings!
CM: A passionate man.
JJ: Yes, that’s right.
MC: Ah, THSK received many awards in both Japan and Korea in 2008, took part in Kohaku and did very well in many other areas as well. You’ve done well in 2009 as well, your latest single, a triple A side single released on the 21st of January, [Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/ Wasurenaide]- I listened to it well and it is really good.
All: Thank you
MC: Bolero, this song, has a ballet feel to it. Subaru is also very famous in teenage girls’ comic circle. Ballet is the theme of this song?
All: Yes, it is.
MC: The majesty of this song really suits ballet music, but it must have been really difficult to sing! How did you guys do it?
YC: I got a splitting headache from it
JJ: The key was really high and I got a bit of a headache from it
YC: It was really strong, and I sort of got a headache, but the song turned out really well.
JS: Headache (he said it in English)
YC: Eh?
MC: English. Haha.
CM: English, I got a shock. (YC grins secretly)
JJ: We didn’t sing alone, there were the harmonization parts and everyone had their own solo parts, so it wasn’t that bad. We’re already used to it.
MC: You sang in couples?
YH: 2 or 3 of us sang at once
JS: or 4.
CM: There were many different groupings.
JS: Its really charming.
MC: The part where each of you joined in and one went higher than the other left a very deep impression on me. I think everyone wants to hear this song now, so please hurry up and introduce this song.
JJ: Alright, so please listen to “Bolero”.
MC: That was “Bolero”. While we were listening to the song, we received many messages from listeners! Everyone’s really tall, I heard everyone is above 180cm?
All: Average height.
MC: That’s amazing, everyone is 180cm. Does everyone like to drink milk?
YC: En, its all thanks to milk.
JS: All thanks to milk.
MC: Is that so, Junsu?
JS: Its Yoochun, I’m only the translator.
MC: Everything Changmin ate went to his height.
CM: Yes, that’s right.
JJ: I’m really envious.

MC: But Jaejoong never puts on any weight as well.
JJ: Yeah, only my face grows fat. But body never puts on any weight.
MC: Uh, don’t you get swollen then?
JJ: I don’t know either.
MC: Eh, this has nothing to do with the song anymore. This time, other than “Bolero”, there’s “Kiss the Baby Sky” and “Wasurenaide” as well. I heard Yoochun composed KTBS?
JS: Yes, he did.
YC: I tried my best.
MC: That’s amazing. Speaking of doing your best, is this your first time taking part in song-writing?
YC: In Japan its the second time already.
MC: Ah, I see. The song would suit the atmosphere now, its really refreshing and gives off a cute vibe.
YC: You’re making me embarrassed already. But yes, its a song suitable for mornings, and the lyrics are light as well.
MC: Yes, its the theme song for Zoom In’s weather reports. Do you listen to/consider weather reports in the mornings?
YC: Yes, after the song… (all laugh)
MC: Is that so…
JJ: After that.
YC: Make some changes to the lyrics or something.
MC: Its great as it is. How did everyone feel while recording it?
YC: Its a classic.
YH: Its really not a bad song, but there were some very high notes.
CM: The falsetto was not bad.
YC: I did it on purpose. I used a lot more falsettos to bring out the atmosphere of the morning.

CM: We did our best.
MC: Everyone did great. Jaejoong composed “Wasurenaide”, and I have to say, the two of you have completely different styles of composing.
YC: It was deliberate.
MC: It was deliberate? Did you talk about this beforehand?
YC: We did. It was nthing much. (YC goes on to talk a lot, but nobody understood what he was saying)
MC: What were you saying?
JJ: Yoochun and I never discuss what we’re composing. We just try singing it after we’ve completed.
YC: Every member has a different style of composing.
MC: Have you decided who’s going to compose the next song?
JJ: Yes, everyone, all 5 of us are going to compose the next song.
MC: Oh!
JJ: What kind of song is it?
YC: A great song.
MC: In 2009, you must-
JS: We will do our best.
[All laugh because of JS’s interruption]
All: We’ll do our best.
MC: Really?
All: Yes.
MC: I’m really looking forward to it. THSK has made a promise in Music Trip this time. We have a lot of messages from listeners. This is from radio name Keiko, she says, “You’ve been really busy end of last year. Did you get a good break in January? How did you spend it?”
YC: I spent it in Korea.
CM: Personally…
MC: Did everyone spend it wil your family?
All: Yes.
JJ: It was an annual holiday.
MC: wow
JJ: It was really rare. I had a hard time trying to decide what to do.
MC: Seriously?
JS: I spent it really well.
JM( JaeMin): What did you do?
JS: I went for a trip with my family after 6 years.
MC: Thats not bad.
JS: I spent it wholly with my family.
MC: Where did you go?
JS: Chiko in Korea. There were seas and we ate a lot of fish.
YH: He ate a lot of fish, so he’s in a good mood.
JS: The fish looked pitiful.
MC: Pitiful?
YC: No.
MC: Not at all?
YH: I went home too. I went back to my alma mater to visit my teachers.
MC: You went back to your high school?
YH: Yeah, we had lunch together.
MC: That’s great.
CM: Its really good.

MC: What about Changmin?
CM: I went with my friends-
JS: I know [interrupts]Changmin’s the most boring person.
MC: It can’t be
JS: That’s how he spent his holiday, even though it was really boring. Even so, he went for a trip, oh, no, he had a break.
CM: I went for a Lasik surgery.
JS: Eyes, eyes.
MC: A Lasik surgery to correct myopia. Can you see clearly now?
CM: Yes. The world’s so difficult. (I think he said “muzukashi” instead of “utsukushi”)
JS: Difficult?
CM: Ah. Beautiful.
MC: Everyone spent their holiday really well. Jaejoong?
JJ: Its been said already.
MC: Its been said already. So, who did you meet up with?
JJ: My family and friends, but actually I didn’t do anything. I stayed home and composed, and that was enough.
MC: Next, the conclusion for today will be a question for Yoochun. The difficult question eventually lands on Yoochun…
YC: I discussed our schedule with the staff, went on a holiday trip with 2 other members, had a meal with my parents and I did some composing.
CM: You’ve been really busy, it sounded like some sort of announcement/notice.
MC: It was a holiday intertwined with music, that’s really great.
JS: Its about to end.
MC: End? No, no, that won’t do.
JS: Its going to end.
MC: We still have many questions!

MC: Do come to our show again.
All: Yes, definitely.
MC: Do guide them along, their activities for 2009 will be starting soon. The Live Tour will also be held.
All: Yes.
MC: It will start on May 4 in Kobe.
HS( HoSu): Yes.
MC: There will be 14 scheduled shows, with the Tokyo show being held on May 9. I went for the “T” Live Tour in Saitama last year.
CM: Thank you.
MC: It was really great experiencing the same feelings as the fans. Everyone really enjoyed your performance, and I had a great time as well. The feeling of everybody being one is really great. I hope the same happens this year.
All: Please come for our performance!
MC: I will, I’m really looking forward to it. The fans are going to go “Ahhh~” now, because time’s up. You must come again this year. I’m looking forward to your performance this year.
All: Thank you.
MC: That was THSK- Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. Thank you very much.

Source: mickybar @Baidu
Translated by: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero

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