[Video + Trans] Idol Groups Have No More Privacy

Nowadays the intrusion of an idol’s private life from fans are getting more and more serious, especially the boy groups (DBSK, SS501 and Big Bang). So receiving a lot of fans short message and phone calls each day on their cell is not unusual. And further, the content (sms/calls/pictures) in what the band members sent to each other are even known by the fans (meaning they somehow hacked in) and when they meet with one another they are even found by the fans.

Because of this problem, they have to switch phone numbers under their manger’s name. But despite the phone change, the fans still found out and even send a message, “do you think that if you switched numbers we won’t find out?” So the only way they can do is to change numbers every two to three months under the company, manager or family’s name.
DBSK has mentioned this when they were on YDH’s Love Letter a couple months back. Yunho was saying that the fans update them on their family’s health/life etc.

Video Credits: demiyu1
Translated by: dance99

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