[Photo + Info] Today’s Guest TVXQ

Today’s Guest TVXQ

Today in the forests of DoReMi

Members of TVXQ
Jaejoong-san, Yoochun-san
Came to play!

The first annual…
Show Mr. Ikezawa a caricature drawing!


In the past, we would like to meet all TVXQ members
Unfortunately, the other members today are
in a really sick condition.

Love turned upside down (laughs)

Now, as for the answer for the various questions~!

Q. What inspired your music?
When he was 3 years old, Jaejoong wanted to be an artist like Micheal (Jackson?)

As for Yoochun, “During my elementary school, I would go sing karaoke songs and wish they were mine” was his first thought

As he said!…

…Yoochun adds,
“I love reading Detective Conan before going to bed, especially when I cannot sleep”,
Yoochun, isn’t it unappealing for your age to like conan? (laughs)

What does Mr. Ikezawa want to do together (with the members)? The question of

Jaejoong → rock, paper, scissors
Yoochun → eating ice cream

And so we answer
No need to respond!

“The confrontation in the forest GACHINKO DOREMI!”
The first one is Rock-Paper-Scissors

Lost to paper!
Jaejoong said, “for today’s recording purposes
I had practiced”

The confrontation with Mr. Ikezawa
I first gave a good strategy, but I think …

Lightning defeat!

Incidentally, while we call it”JanKenPon” in Japanese,
in Korean it is, “GAI-BAI-BO” I like it!
(I remember “G/Kaaiii-Baaiii-Boooo~” from AADBSKS2 Variety Show xD)

Following the “Yoochun ice cream confrontation”

With a large margin, the victory was given to Mr. Yoochun!


Source: M-On Blog + Fangirlmitz
Credits: xietinloveshero


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