[Trans] Bigeast 3rd Fanclub Event – Fukuoka Fanmeeting Account

I arrived at 6, quite sometime earlier than the time the fanmeeting was scheduled to start, but seeing as the tickets were snapped up really quickly… my precious seat. C2, area C, meaning that its quite far away from the stage (cries). Well, even so, its near Junsu and Yoochun’s side (I’ll take it as self-consolation).

I began to put eye drops at around 7, and kept my eye on the direction where Yoochun was supposed to come out from using binoculars. Luckily the venue is small, and it doesnt get too far no matter where I stand.

Listening to a supposedly “notice from THSK” and the MC talking, I got a little anxious. Why haven’t they appeared? Suddenly, a running figure appeared from the dark…

Yoochun grandly appears under the spotlights kya~~~
Then, Junsu appears from the side entrance B-1 kya~~
Changmin then enters from another side entrance B-9 kya~~ (didn’t manage to catch him *cries*)
Jaejoong enters handsomely next from the left of the standing area kya~~~
Finally, leader Yunho enters from the right of the standing area kya~~~

Following that, all 5 of them entered the stage and greeted everyone. Changmin’s fringe had gotten a little longer, and it made him so good-looking, my heart was beating faster and faster. Yoochun-kun… your hairstyle… did you just come out of the bath? Did you skive today? But due to my over-excitement, I still couldn’t help but scream “YOOCHUN!!”, causing the “mama” fans in front to jump out of their skins.

On the other hand, Junsu seemed a little tired today. Although he said it was because he just woke up, his lack of smiles still made me a little worried. He went on to say that the fanmeetings were originally scheduled to be in Kobe and Messe only, and the Fukuoka one was only added after he insisted. Still, the credibility is not exactly confirmed yet as Junsu was the one who said it… but then I’m still really glad that they were able to come to Fukuoka. Junsu then started on his English gags…

“Who’s that?” [said in English]

He completely gave the fans there a shock… well, who knows, this might become his signature joke in 2009. At this moment, the fanmeeting producer, Sekine-san appeared. The first thing he said was, “I’m Junsu’s father”. He sported Jaejoong’s clothes and was wearing boots, with Junsu’s hairstyle. From Sekine-san’s expressions and words, one can tell that he really liked THSK a lot.

The theme of today’s activities is “I want to know THSK better”. First was, “I want to know what are THSK’s potential abilities”. Because everyone acknowledges that as they dance well they must be really good in sports, so they will be using jumping, skipping (20 secs) and a pedometer to determine how good they are in sports. The one with the worst performance will be punished T_T. (Who do you think will be the worst? I think it’d be Yoochun, his previous experiences with basketball, track etc have all just been average…)

1. Repeated jumping (Junsu vs Yoochun)
Although both looked like they were on par, Junsu stepped up his game on the later half.
They actually couldn’t compare with Junsu’s speed?!
Yunho even showed off his horizon dance and other fancy dance moves. Although Changmin was really focused on his jumping, Sekine-san called him “Bambi in the forest” [LOL]

2. Skipping (Junsu vs Yoochun)
They were to compete who could jump the most number of times in 20 seconds.
Yoochun did his jumping obediently, but Junsu started double-skipping halfway through, earning him more jumps. However, Yoochun continued his normal skipping without defence (maybe he didnt know how to do double-skipping?) Yoochun, try double-skipping too, hwaiting!
Changmin vs Yunho
Both of them did double-skipping all the way. Especially Changmin, his posture and rythm remained constant throughout, so handsome! ^^^^^^

3. Pedometer
Speaking of using a certain body part, Yunho said, “Junsu would still be most confident of his buttocks…” But everyone did their running the normal way when the compeition started.
Changmin and Yunho were really concentrated on jogging on the spot; whereas Junsu and Yoochun faced each other while they jumped lightly and played a game similar to children’s game where they sang and clapped. Hey, be serious, the two of you?? Still, they were so cute…

Banana-chan: Will translate part II later… I’m sorta having morning sinus and a phonecall didn’t exactly go well. I’ll go listen to Step by Step now hmpft.


THSK’s potential abilities- results are:
1st place- Yunho
2nd place- Junsu
4th place- Yuchoon. Just as I expected…

After sports, the next activity is “I want to know THSK’s artistic flair for drawing”.
Yoochun!! Come on!!

If it was like what the manager-san said, there must be 2 out of the 5 of them who draw really badly. Judging from the calendar drawings, it should be Yunho and Changmin, I think.

1. “Wani”
Initially, they didn’t really seem to know what “wani” meant, but they started drawing smoothly when they heard that it meant something like a crocodile or alligator. Sekine-san would go over to Junsu often when they were drawing, and Junsu would utter lame jokes like, “Ah~ there’s a giraffe here” or “I’m a giraffe”.

The atmosphere livened up considerably when Junsu said “I’m a giraffe” due to the joke’s popularity at Messe’s fanmeeting. Just as I thought, Yunho… maybe worse than what I thought… his crocodile looked positively like a dinosaur. As for the thing he drew below the crocodile… saying it was a tadpole would be doing injustice to tadpoles. Yunho dear, tadpoles don’t have teeth, alright…

In contrast, Changmin drew much better than I thought he would, be it the giraffe, Obama or Tiger Woods. The crocodile he drew had really large, shiny eyes, and looked quite a bit like Changmin himself. Jaejoong and Junsu drew really well too. The first few drawings, not including the one of the naked Mona Lisa, but ones such as looking at Tiger Woods from a flying plane, really showed us that Junsu had a unique way of looking at things. Maybe as artistes, they do have a more special way of viewing things.

2. Beyonce
This section had a punishment involved, and the fans were to be the judges. You’d clap when the person you wanted punished name was called. I clapped so hard for Yunho, but it seemed that not many others shared my opinion. In the end, Junsu got the loudest applause. Junsu had put in so much effort and drawn so well, thought, maybe the fans had agreed on this beforehand? Some of the punishments included wearing wet socks, imitating a newborn baby cow, introducing himself in a baby voice, putting ice into his back and blowing into his ear etc.

In the end, Junsu chose the the third one, introducing himself in a baby voice. He seemed to do the same punishment at every fanmeet, but still, it was just as well because he was really cute.

“Don’t point at me with your fingers~”
“Well, then let’s patch up~”

He was really really really cute, although we were already used to him doing things like that.

Next was “I want to know THSK’s inner world”.
Members were supposed to choose an answer out of 2 options, and this was thought up by Sekine-san, who knew a little about pyschology, so I assumed it was quite reliable…
Stomach or heart

Why did Changmin, who’s probably made of stomachs all over, choose the heart? All 5 of them choose the heart, but Junsu was forced to go over to the “stomach” side when the other 4 made him go over to the other side. Then they told Junsu to come back to the “heart” side, but they all went over to the “stomach” side instead. This was repeated over and over again, and I couldn’t remember the final outcome..

Next was the fanclub survey, “What are the songs I want to listen to when I see Minomonta-san (Japanese DJ) three times a day?”

1st place ‘No?’
2nd place was something like ‘Trick’, but I couldn’t really remember after that…

“The song I want to listen to in Hokkaido”
I think it was Love in the Ice and WINTER AGAIN…

“The song I want to listen to when I feel like crying”
1. Begin
2. Asu wa Kuru Kara
3. Lovin’ You
4. Love in the Ice
5. Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara

“The song I want to listen to when I want to be energized”
Mirotic. I was so shocked by this choice that I forgot everything else.
Next was the concert part, which is really what I was looking forward to.

Sorry, sorry. Its kinda long, I counted about 14 pages or smth. Feeling a bit hungry now so I’ll cont after lunch xD BTW, does anyone have FM Yokohama Asian Groove- Changmin special from yesterday? D: I couldn’t find it.

Source: Baidu
Translated by: Banana-chan @Xietinloveshero


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