[Trans] What’s In Yunho

Yunho’s Interview in What’s In Feb ’09

Blood Type A

YH: Yunho

Q: How does Tohoshinki exist to you?
YH: To me, they are equivalent to myself. Therefore, we do not only have to work seriously but also need to cherish ourselves. Be of one heart and one mind. Just like a heart. Tohoshinki is an inseparable part of my body and my heart.

Q: What is the most cherish thing that you think it would be?
YH: My family photos and my piggy bank (Laugh). I always keep the coins that are in my purse into the piggy bank. My diary is also another thing that I cherish. All my dreams have been written in there. Nobody is allowed to read it.

Q: Your favourite foods are?
YH: My favourite Korean food would be the pork rib soup. Fried beef shredded soup would be the food that I eat often in Japan. This soup is also made by adding the bone in, so mainly I love to drink soup. (Laugh)

Q: The most tiring thing is?
YH: I often caught flu. I need lots of time to recover. Although it is not to the extend that I would fainted, but I often have a running nose or fever, sore throat, having the type of flu that just refused to recover from any medicine is the most hardship thing ever.

Q: The types of clothes that you like are?
YH: I would prefer suit or causal wear and add on a vest and a neat shirt. Suit will give people a intense feel.

Q: Your favourite places are?
YH: Recently, I love to ski, so I love to go to the ski resort. This is also not the so-called humor! (Laugh) Skiing is also counted as to improvise. I’ve feel that I’m able to ski when the very first time I started skiing.

Japanese Translated: as tagged
Chinese Translated: Jaesica
Credits: as tagged + UKNOWKING + shandyl @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz


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