[Trans] Jan 28th Yunho’s UFO Replies


Yunho oppa ah! Happy New Year~
[Uknow Yunho]
Thank you ^__^ I also wish you a Happy New Year.. Must be bliss~!!

I’m feeling so tired after going to Year 3 in my high school, Yunho oppa can you give me some support? Tell me to fighting for once? This is a very daring request. If it’s like that, I’m sorry. (v.v)
[Uknow Yunho]
It’s very tough right?? Must work even harder.. You will be blessed, Fighting!! ^_^

Oppas always never replied me and I’m angry. Just look at the sake that my 14th birthday fall on the same day with Yunho oppa’s 23rd birthday, you all also wouldn’t give me a small present *♥o♥*
[Uknow Yunho]
^))^ Soon it would be your birthday.. Happy birthday~!!

Translated: Jaesica
Credits: UFOTOWN BBS + 希以偶为贵 @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz


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