[Trans] JJ Magazine March 2009 – Changmin


It’s still cold at the sea in two last month in winter, thus I will make sure there will be just the two of us.


“I want to go to a date by driving my own car.”

“Eventhough it’s still cold, I really want to go to the sea!”

“The 2 last months in winter, going to the sea with my beloved one. Unlike in summer, sea looks so calm at that time, thus we can relax and be happy more.”

“Just like in Japan, in Korea girls give chocolate in Valentine’s day. When the chocolate is a handmade one, I think it will be much better.”

“I like to think how hard her effort to give chocolate to me, and that makes me happy. How she shops for the chocolate (ingredients), thinking what shape of the chocolate should she makes, I think that’s kind of way to show that she loves me, and I’m sure that’s enough.”

Thus, along with the mood of winter, I want to say thank you to her at the sea.



“As for being alone (alone in case without any family) in a foreign country like Japan. Occasionally I become lonely and being congested.

But because there are the other members, the five of us, we’re able to work in one thought.”

The existence of the other members is everything for Changmin.

He’s also recently taking charge in writing lyrics, thus to make a realistic concept for the lyrics, he said that he wrote diary everynight.

Not only handsome, Changmin is known for his efforts/hardwork. Thus, he’s a kind of whom women think as an ideal boyfriend.

Source: beyondyuchuntokyo + dnbn
Japanese-Korean trans: Tami
Korean-English trans: sharingyoochun


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