[News] “Brickwall” Coming Soon from Phrased Differently

According to quirky_love @dbsg:
I was checking out Phrased Differently’s website today (the people who brought us ZION, Ride on, Box in the Ship, Wrong Number, etc.) and noticed this in the news section:


I’m assuming that ‘Survivor’ = ‘Brick Wall’, renamed? Perhaps another song on the upcoming album? Though “This song is scheduled to be the first single” makes me think it’s the going to be on the Survivor single. The B-side, maybe?

If you wondering what other songs Phrased Diferently’s people composed that later became DBSK/THSK songs:

ZION = Remedy
Ride On = Is It Alright? / Stir That Thing Up (same BGM, but a really different song)
Crazy Life = (still searching)
Box in the Ship = X Marks The Spot
Wrong Number = Wrong Number
(To be released) = Brick Wall

Credits: quirky_love @dbsg + xietinloveshero


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