[News] DBSK Watches Music “Mine” + Delegation of Globalization of Korean Music

DBSK Watches Kangta’s Musical

Kangta has expressed his views that his musical, “Mine” has become even more promising after SNSD and DBSK watched it.

During the press conference on the 30th regarding the musical, “Mine”, which was produced to commemorate the Army’s 60th anniversary, Kangta said, “My parents and juniors from the same company came to watch the musical, as did DBSK and SNSD; this has made me feel very happy and close to them.”

The musical is Kangta’s first attempt at acting since entering the army, and is about a true story that happened in the Demilitarized Zone in 2000.


DBSK as Delegates to help Globalize Korean Music

Music Scene’s Big 5 will be helping to globalize Korean music through “Development of Globalization of Popular Korean Music”.

Korean music scene’s top stars are uniting in order to help globalize Korean music. The Culture Department will be holding a ceremony to honour “Music Development Plan” in SM Entertainment in Seoul on the fourth of February.

At the ceremony, the Korean Cultural Minister Yu In-chon will delegate the task of advertising Korean music worldwide to the 5 global Korean superstars, namely Rain, DBSK, Big Bang, SNSD and Wonder Girls. An official plaque will be presented to all 5 representatives, and the Cultural Minister will request that they help Korean music make it to the front of the international music scene.

Relevant personnel have said that, “The main highlight of the ceremony will be the government’s Music Development Plan, and relevant figures in the music industry will also be present. The government will be there to encourage the delegates as well as to make a stand on the music scene.”


Takuya Kimura: It was really interesting meeting THSK [SMAPXSMAP appearance]

THSK’s coming appearance on SMAPXSMAP has generated many topics for discussion, and SMAP member Takuya Kimura has also talked about his first meeting with THSK.

On the radio show WHAT’S UP SMAP on the 30th, Takuya Kimura said that, “(During Kohaku,) THSK had wanted to greet SMAP when they met, and they had tried hard to say something in Japanese.”

After that, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi said to them in Korean, “Thank you for specially greeting us. ” Kimura also expressed that while talking to THSK, he constantly had the feeling of, “What are they talking about?”
On THSK’s Kohaku performance/appearance, Takuya Kimura said, “That was something everyone was very happy about. The meeting was really interesting as the population density was very high and it was an all-male situation.”

WHAT’S UP SMAP where Takuya Kimura talked about THSK airs on Tokyo FM from 11pm to 11.30pm.

Source: 中国U-KNOW KING + 金色XIAHKING + 流川梓&金家四少的爱 @tieba.baidu
Translations by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero


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