[News] Top Stars’ Insurance for Concerts

Idol group Big Bang will be holding their concert from the 30th for four days. A total of 500 000 people are expected for this concert! We’re expecting girls in their ten’s mostly.

Big Bang’s management has registered a 153 billion won’s worth of insurance just in case of an accident. It’s for the the safety of the crowd as well as other accidents that might happen. They also will have a total of 200 securities at the scene as well as three ambulance cars. Big Bang members’, who have fallen off stages before, are doing a routinely check so it doesn’t happen again.

Ever since concerts’ scales have been getting bigger, so have the accident scales. And there are an addition of top artists who are registering insurance for the safety of their fans.

DBSK registered a 40 billion won insurance for first concert back in 2006, and World Star Rain has also registered a 100 billion won for his Tokyo Dome Concert.

Source: http://news.sbs.co.kr/section_news/news_re…_id=N1000536877
Translation Credit: 애기샤☆ @TVXQaustralia

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