[News] TVXQ gets SMAPed!


TVXQ will guest star on the Japanese television show SMAPxSMAP. SMAPxSMAP is a popular show which is hosted by one of Japan’s biggest boy band’s SMAP, who is under the Johnny’s Entertainment label.

Although SMAP was one of the least popular Johnny’s groups, members of the boy band were able to branch out into television and other activities, which launched them into stardom, especially Kimura Takuya and Nakai Masahiro. SMAP is now one of Japan’s most popular and longest running idol bands, as they debuted in 1991 and are still going strong today. The grand fathers of Johnny’s Entertainment, if you will. Anyway, fans of TVXQ are extremely excited about them guest starring on SMAP’s television show, as this is an excellent opportunity for TVXQ to further promote themselves in Japan and this appearance may even allow them to compete against KAT-TUN, when they go head to head on March 11th, 2009, with their single “Survivor.”

It seems TVXQ has been gaining ground in Japan. Just last year, TVXQ was virtually banned from Music Station, due to JE’s monopoly over the pop scene, but now JE has invited them to guest star on their very own boy band’s television show? Perhaps TVXQ will also be allowed on Music Station now to promote their upcoming single… we’ll find out soon!

Source: johnnydorama @ALLKPOP
Shared by: xietinloveshero

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