[Trans] Bigeast 3rd Fanclub Event 090120 – Fukuoka Fan Account





2009/01/20 Fukuoka International Centre
It was our first time to Fukuoka, and we didn’t really know which way to go or how to take the bus. Fortunately, we the people we approached for help guided us along the entire journey. They taught us how to board the bus and handle the tickets. When we asked where do we drop off, they told us to just follow them! Because… the entire bus was occupied by Bigeast!! XD

We loitered around the area while waiting for the event to start, and got to know two Japanese fans- a mother and a high school student. We were really nervous when it was time to enter because we could hear the boys singing from where we were.

It was time to go in!! We were really lucky because we got to be in the third row, on Changmin and Yunho’s side!! Yoochun entered first from the middle of the first floor, then Changmin from the left side of the arena. Junsu entered next from the right of the arena, Jaejoong from the left of the first floor. Finally, Yunho entered facing the first floor. Scenes from the previous year were then played on the TV, and we were all really surprised. The crowd screamed really loudly as all five of them appeared!!


Yunho and Jaejoong immediately saw our towel, and so did Changmin. We were really touched!
After the self-introduction, Junsu said that nobody did it well because none of them said they missed Fukuoka. Yoochun and Changmin kept making fun of Junsu-

Yoochun: Do you like everyone?
Junsu: Yes!
Changmin: Do you love everyone?
Junsu: Yes!
Changmin: Then marry everyone. XDDD
Then Junsu said one of his English gags: WHO’S THAT.

Yunho then started interacting with the crowd, I SAY TOHO YOU SAY SHINKI. After a few repeats, he only said, “TO”! Everyone was stunned…

Then Junsu had a go too, and he was SHINKI while we were TOHO. In the end he said HOSHIN, and we were to say KITO… = =

Then Sekine-san, the producer, entered. They said that Sekine-san dresses really well, and he said that he had copied Jaejoong and now, he was copying Junsu.


Announcement of Questions: We want to know more about THSK
Yunho seemed to injure his finger causing it to bleed not long into the fanmeet. He went to fix his finger in the middle of introducing the games, and Jaejoong followed. No wonder they are LPs. [KUMO @InfinityHK: LP means wifey in chinese ^^]

1. THSK’s Hidden Potential Ability

– Shuttle run
Junsu vs Yoochun
Jaejoong was cheering for them while holding the “Ganbatte” banner, and Yunho did the same thing after his finger was fixed. But he held it the wrong way up = = and he was obviously another contestant, but started cheering for his opponents just because he wanted to join his LP. The two of them were really concentrated on the game, and Yunho was doing the counting behind. 1…1…1…feel like eating strawberries. (ichi…ichi…ichi…ichigo tabetai -.-)
Next was Changmin vs Yunho. Changmin was really focused on his running, but Yunho ended up dancing and Jaejoong started laughing really louded.

– Skipping
Jaejoong skipped this game due to his leg injury. First was Junsu vs Yoochun. Junsu kept performing the elaborate styles, while Yoochun just did his jumping honestly. Next was Changmin vs Yunho. After the game, Yunho said Changmin was indeed young. Then Sekine-san said, “If you feel old, then how about me!” Everyone burst out in laughter.

– Pedometer
Jaejoong joined in the game as well. Members were told that they could clip it anywhere they wanted, or where they were most confident of. Jaejoong told Junsu to clip it on his buttocks, while Junsu told Yoochun to clip it on his forehead. While jaehomin took the game seriously and tried to run as fast as they could to get more steps, Junsu and Yoochun were mischievously jumping about. In the end, Junsu was surprisingly the one with the most steps.

While all 5 of them were checking out their results, Sekine-san commented that they were Tohoshinki who ignores their fans. Yunho said it was because of his buttocks, and Junsu said the pedometer recorded 2 steps for every jump he did. Indeed, for every jump there was an extra shake. Then Jaejoong and Changmin told Junsu to repeat it and he did so embarrassedly, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

In the end Yoochun lost the game!

-Drawing Beyonce
Yunho: Big-headed Beyonce, everyone fell over laughing!
Changmin: The whole figure, with an exceptionally slim waist, and he insisted that she really did have a very slim waist.
Jaejoong: He only drew her perfect curves from bust to waist. wow.
Yoochun: Drew really well.
Junsu: Drew surprisingly well. After he showed everyone the picture, he added a tongue impromptu. And he wrote, “WHO’S THAT?”

In the end Junsu was the one to undergo punishment for this game!

-Song choosing
The number one song to listen to when you’re feeling down turned out to be MIROTIC! Jaejoong changed Junsu’s lyrics to “must be happy!” and even added his own dance steps to it. It was hilarious.

The 5 boys performed “Towani” together. The harmonization was perfect. Next was “Mirotic”, and “Asu wa Kuru Kara”.

-Letter to Bigeast
The letter was about the hardships and obstacles they had faced in Japan. Junsu talked about the time when they were already successful in Korea, yet had to start from zero again in Japan. Coupled with the fact that they couldn’t communicate with anyone in Japan made them wonder why on earth they had to come here.

Yoochun talked about how he missed his friends and family in Korea and really wanted to go back.

Jaejoong brought up his promise to hold the tour in larger venues during the 2006 live tour. So they worked really, really hard and managed to go to Budokan for the 2nd live tour, and even managed to do an Arena Tour for the 3rd tour.

Changmin said that after the nationwide A-nation tour, things started to go on track for them and this was all because of everyone; that we were all his treasures.

Lastly, Yunho said that they will work hard with us, take every step with us and that THSK will be with us forever.

-Bolero performance.

Source: infinityHK
Japanese-Chinese translation by:ㄗsゞ7こ劇 @baidu
Chinese-English translations by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero

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