[Trans] SEVENTEEN Interview + Illegal Ticket Selling + JOYSOUND Interview

SEVENTEEN Interview- March 09 Issue

Valentines’ Memories
Bubble-like THSK’s long awaited ST comeback- lets have a look at the world-famous group’s Valentines’ Interview!

Q: Its going to be Valentines’ soon! What beautiful memories do you guys have of it?
Yunho: For me, I once had a Valentines’ date in a beautiful restaurant, together with another couple who were my friends.
Junsu: I received anonymous chocolates… its like that!
Jaejoong: I received a lot of chocolates in the second term when I was in 6th grade. More than 10, and 6 of these people confessed their love to me.
Yoochun: Popularity king~!!

Q: Did you like any of them?
Jaejoong: No, but one of them was… my first kiss!
All: Ohhhhh~~~!!!
Junsu: In elementary school? It was a kiss, but a peck, right?
Jaejoong: There wasn’t much difference! ! I didnt have many friends as I left home at 15. So that was my only memory of Valentine’s Day.
Changmin: As for me… I don’t exactly have any memory of Valentines’. I was even shier when I was in school… -sighs-
Yoochun: When I was in Grade 5, I received chocolates from all the girls in Grades 5 and 6. I was really proud of that.

Q: How many did you get?
Yoochun: Don’t know, I didn’t count! There were 12 classes and around 35 students per class; of which about half were girls.
Junsu: Over 300?!! Envious~!!
Yoochun: I didnt really go to school much between Grades 1-6, because I spent most of my time in sports. So I suppose they liked me because I wasn’t always around. However, a lot of energy and time was spent transporting those chocolates. My dad had to drive to school to move all the chocolates home. -laughs-

Q: Tell us what would be a foolproof confession method for Valentines’!
Junsu: …… (nobody knows what he’s babbling about) ….. Eh no its not a joke! Let me finish!
Yoochun: Okay, we know!
Yunho: Okay, okay. A long coat would be good. Isn’t there something about “flying over to meet her” and a hug or something like that.
Yoochun: It’d be best to go over without any makeup. Absolutely none. And no dyed hair, preferably in its natural condition.
Jaejoong: I think this would be good- “Its really cold, and I’ve been waiting for you.”
-exchanges high 5 with YC-
Yoochun: That’s a good one!
Changmin: If its someone who likes you, she would probably wait. Confess your love courageously!
Yunho: Although the way you present yourself is important, what’s even more important is your sincerity. You might be shy, but I think it would be really cool if you could express properly what you want to convey.
Jaejoong: Tell her everything you feel! Although there isn’t anyone I like now, I’m still waiting. When I stand before you, please say to me, “Its really cold. I’ve been waiting for you.” -laughs-


Illegal ticket-selling

DBSK concert tickets are to be sold by official websites only. All fanclubs are prohibited from selling tickets for their own benefit. There have been numerous websites providing an avenue for tickets to change hands in recent years. Tickets have been auctioned on these websites and even sold for a price much higher than usual. Such actions have violated artistes’ rights! No matter the reason, selling or buying a ticket above the original price is an illegal act. Inappropriate selling or buying of tickets may lead to sccuffles, which neither DBSK, its recording company nor fanclub Bigeast will be responsible for!! Please do not buy illegally sold tickets!!! At the same time, tickets that are bought illegally may be denied entry.



Q1: What is your latest single “Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide” like?
JJ: “Bolero” is the theme song of the movie “Subaru”, its a dramatic ballad. “KTBS” is a refreshing and light song composed by Yoochun, which will have you humming to it unconsciously. “Wasurenaide” is a sad ballad full of gentleness, which I composed.

Q2: Please tell us about the important points to take note of when singing these 3 songs.
JS: “Bolero” would be a really difficult song to sing solo, please do it in groups of 2-3. Use a happy/cheerful mood to sing “KTBS”; it would be easier to get into the mood of “Wasurenaide” if you dim the lights a little.

Q3: What do you need to take note of while performing these 3 songs live?
YH: Use your expressions and ability to liven up the atmosphere to make the audience happy.

Q4: Recently, what is your favourite song in the Karaoke?
CM: “ORION” by Mika Nakashima.

Q5: Please talk about the ideal song for Valentine’s Day.
JS: “Eternal” by EXILE. The atmosphere of the song really suits Valentine’s Day.

Q6: The earliest music you came into contact with?
YH: “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

Q7: How did you come to like music?
JS: I wanted to be a similar artist after seeing a Korean group, “H.O.T” perform. That’s how it started.

Q8: Your favourite thing, recently?
CM: Car.

Q9: Say something to JOYSOUND fans who love Karaoke.
YC: Enjoy yourselves in the Karaoke session and let go of the stress you’ve been holding!

Source:泷爱 + 爱+ Red_Sense @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero


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