[News] Tohoshinki Meets SMAP


On January 29 in Japan, THSK recorded ‘SUMA SUMA’(SMAPXSMAP) on Fuji TV with SMAP members, THSK appeared on talk show and with a friendly atmosphere they sang a song together. This sneak peek will be broadcasted next month.

Until now, ‘SUMA SUMA’, already had a Korean star as their guests such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung Heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji Woo, ryusiwon, Kwon Sang-Woo, Shin Hye Sung on SMAP BISTRO corner, and Shin Hye Sung has a duet with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi singing “sky~ eternal love” live.

THSK and SMAP met for the first time on December 31 at the most prestigious show “NHK 59th KOUHAKU Utagassen”. On the rehearsal the day before the show, THSK had a light greetings with SMAP at SMAP’s waiting room.

Takuya Kimura on a radio show explainned about this, “10 people were filling that small room made a frustating situation” then he described, “even Kusanagi’s korean didnt help much.” telling a disclosed episode that hapenned that time.

THSK signed a contract for their appereance on NHK’s programme with SMAP.

SMAP, ARASHI, KATTUN, NEWS, Kinki Kids, known as Japanese Idol groups from a popular management, Johnny, who had many kind of popular shows.

After their appereance in SUMASUMA, THSK soon will be appeared with popular duo, Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids, “Domoto Brothers”. THSK also schedulled to appear in other Johnny’s shows with a friendly atmosphere in the future.

Source : DNBN + xietinloveshero
English translations : L4uRa @ soompi


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