[Trans] Bigeast Magazine Vol.10 – Jaejoong’s Interview


In the waiting room one day… (S=staff)
Bigeast Vol 10- Jaejoong Interview
In the waiting room one day… (S=staff)
S: Ah~ Jaejoong!
JJ: Yes!
S: About the interview for Bigeast…!
JJ: Ah!
S: What is it?
JJ: I haven’t forgotten~!
S: You will go soon right?
JJ: I was thinking of going in between the other interviews.
S: When will you be going?
JJ: Tomorrow, I suppose?
S: En~~~~
JJ: I can’t?
S: No! There’s no problem at all! Can I go with you?
JJ: Yes, but time’ll be a little tight!
S: Why?
JJ: Because I’ll be going during the 30 minute break in the schedule…
S: That means you won’t be able to go if the schedule is full/drags!
JJ: Yeah, but I’ll give it a challenge!
S: So today’s “tekibaki”?
JJ: What is “tekibaki”?
S: En~~ Something like saying that you won’t do anything useless~
JJ: I think I get it.
S: So let’s tekibaki tomorrow too!
JJ: Tekibaki tomorrow too!
So, the next day, Jaejoong decided-“Let’s start now!” during the one hour break…
S: Will we be in time for the next programme?
JJ: Yes!
S: Well then~let’s go!
JJ: Go go~
S: Its really pressurizing~
JJ: Because I haven’t gone shopping in a long time!
S: Have you decided where to go?
JJ: Yes, I asked the consultant, and decided on this place after much research!
S: I see!~
JJ: Well, then, leave it to me!
JJ begins choosing bags and clothes seriously upon entering the shop…
S: Yaaa JJ if you don’t choose quickly, wouldn’t there big a big risk of being late for the next programme~
JJ: Ah? There’s no more time?
S: En? What time’s the next (programme)?
JJ: En, en, what time’s the next one?
S: Ai~ didn’t you ask?
JJ: It’s alright! They’ll definitely call us!
S: En? Did you tell the manager you were going shopping?
JJ: ……I sort of told him before I came down! (laughs)
S: Ah~
JJ: Let’s get scolded together~
S: You only “sort of” told him?!
JJ: Hahaha~!

Source: 灵儿LOVE在 @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero


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