[Trans] Kiss the Baby Sky PV

This is an account of one of the staff members who took part in the filming of KTBS PV~

Baby Sky~

This is actually a line from the Weather’s Show’s theme song that THSK sang last year. I actually took part in the filming of this PV last friday, together with a few other staff members.

First we’ll talk about the set, it was a set that really suited the song, giving off a feeling of freshness. I was really glad that we managed to finish the filming. Behind-the-scenes shots will be revealed later in “zoom in”, please look forward to it as well.

Anyway, the THSK members are really easy-going, interesting and humble people. They always wore a bright smile on their faces despite their busy schedules. I feel recharged every time I see them, and this allows me to work even harder. “zoom in” will be supporting THSK from now on, please look forward to their new PV.

Source: Fish_123123 + 金家四少的爱@tieba.baidu
Translations by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero

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