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Previously, during the punishment round, Yoochun and Junsu had to introduce themselves in a baby voice. After that, Junsu said that he had a girlfriend, and Yunho started talking in a baby voice as well. Yunho then told Junsu that he had a boyfriend older than him, and walked out holding hands with Jaejoong. Everyone was really excited to find out what happens next!

This time, the sequence of appearance was different. Changmin was the first to appear at the stairs in the middle, slightly to the right. Then Junsu appeared from the left of Changmin. Yunho showed himself at the stairs slightly above Changmin’s, and Jaejoong came from the bottom. Yoochun appeared from the other side of Jaejoong.

The first game we played was “I Say TOHO you say SHINKI”. The whole hall responded with an ear-splitting “HOSHINKI” when Yunho only said, “TO”. He commented that this was the best response ever. Junsu went next, and when he said “HOSHIN” and we said “KI”, he said we were wrong and it should have been “KITO” -.- As there were seats on the far end of both sides of the hall, and these fans couldnt really see them, the boys went over to those two sides to greet the fans first.

1st Game: I want to know THSK’s abilities!
As usual, all 5 members participated in this game. The staff asked them to spread out so that everyone could see them. JS and YC continued with their slowly skipping strategy.

-Strength test (It’s supposedly a sort of meter that can record the amount of strength you used to squeeze it, but I don’t know what it’s called in English…)
The rule was that you could only use one hand to squeeze the meter. Jaejoong had to keep wiping sweat from his hand, whereas Junsu had been cheating the entire game, causing the entire audience to roar with laughter. The other four were unable to turn around to look at Junsu as they were busy squeezing their pedometer, but Jaejoong told Junsu to stop cheating when he heard the audience laughing.

A shuffling of positions took place and it was Yunho, Changmin, Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong. Nobody put down their leg within the minimum time! Then the results were announced: First was Jaejoong, with 20XXminutes, then Yunho with 20XX minutes, 3rd was Changmin with 19XX minutes (everyone started screaming for the Family of Three). Next was Junsu with 16XX minutes, and lastly, Yoochun with 16XX minutes. Yoochun was to be punished.

2nd Game: I want to know more about THSK’s drawings!
– Squirrel
YH: A pair of squirrels, one large and one small.
CM: A really cute squirrel, we see Changmin’s eyes again. (Maybe she means mismatched eyes, like the one he has when he smiles? XDDD)
JJ: He actually wanted to redraw his squirrel, but it was TIME’S UP after he flipped to a new page. He only drew the head, but it was rather cute all the same.
YC: Good, as usual.
JS: Everyone thought that his squirrel looked more like a fox… XD He also wrote a name wrongly for his drawing, and CM burst out in laughter again.

JS: Big-headed Spiderman… everyone burst out laughing. It sort of looked like a mask.
YC: Drew a Spiderman hanging upside down from a building; he drew really well.
JJ: He was really… He drew a spider and a man [lolly: *dies from laughter XDD]. What’s more is that his spider actually looked more like a cockroach.
CM: Drew a Spiderman with cobwebs hanging from his hands, and his Spiderman had a shiny head which sort of looked like a disco ball XD
YH: His Spiderman had a really huge head, everyone burst out laughing.
Everyone thought that JJ was the worst, so he was to be punished for this game.

3rd Game: Toho Psychology
-Would you want to be a vaccuum cleaner or a washing machine?
YH, CM, YC chose to be washing machines. YH said that it was because his girlfriend would use it, and he could help or something. JJ and JS chose vaccuum cleaner; JJ said that it was so that they could suck all Bigeast’s love! (Sweet talker, eh? …)

-Would you want a home stay with Tamori-san or XXX? (Fan acc couldn’t remember who it was)
JJ and JS chose XXX. JS said that it was because they had more similar styles. Anyway, it ended up in another Oyaji gag concerning soy sauce XD

-Would you prefer nose hair or underarm hair?
They were all really shy and didn’t know which to choose after hearing the question. CM thought very hard about it and didn’t realize that he was the only one left. After which, he went to “Nose Hair” side. Initially, JJ and YH chose underarm hair, but YH decided to go to the other side in the end, and even said “BYE BYE” to JJ. When asked why he preferred underarm hair, JJ couldn’t give an answer; the fans and MC all said it was because he didn’t have any. XD

This was the last fanmeet, so Sekine-san gave the conclusion with a VTR. In fact, the conclusion was his views/thoughts on each of the members- things like YH’s a really good leader, CM is very shy, JJ is a very nice guy, YC is very gentle and JS is really cute etc.

4th Game: Punishment time
JJ was responsible for picking the punishment lot; and he picked the 6th lot, “Someone to blow into your ear”!!!! After all the fans’ screaming, YH was to blow into JJ’s ear and JS into YC’s. JJ said “This is really awkward”, to which YH replied, “It’s really bad…” and JJ turned red immediately. YH then helped JJ push his hair behind his ear really gently……. YH even chased after JJ to blow into his ear when JJ started running away.

On the other (neglected) side, CM and JS were to blow into YC’s ear and YC kept bursting out in laughter.

6th: Performance
Towani, Mirotic and Lovin’ You were performed.

Source: 珉吧追踪队_轩@baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero


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