[Info] Jaejoong’s Real Birth Date

**Sparkskey checked the news on both Daum and Naver and seems that it’s true.


According to Jaejoong’s birth mother, Jaejoong’s actual birthdate is the 4th of Feb. She revealed it on her blog sometime in January.

She posted Jaejoong’s baby pictures Jaejoong’s baby pictures and stated that his birthday was on the 4th of Feb but changed it to 26th Jan for auspicious reasons.


Apparently, if Jaejoong’s birthday was recorded as the 4th of Feb, it would bring him bad luck.

Source: Jaejoong’s mum’s blog + Junsu China Fanclub
Translated by: Sparkskey @LJ
Credits: xietinloveshero

**According to xietinloveshero, the number 4 means ‘death’ in Cantonese, but not sure if it means the same in Korean.


One Response to “[Info] Jaejoong’s Real Birth Date”

  1. crystalights Says:

    i wonder which one is the baby jaejoongie in the top picture.

    but his mommy is so pretty, no wonder he’s pretty too!

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