[News] TVXQ Captivates Japan


What’s there to say about TVXQ? Not much. They don’t need any explanation. They are dominating the music scene in Korea, and there is no boy band that can compete. Well, this will most likely be the situation for them in Japan as well.

The K-pop group’s latest Japanese single Mirotic became the Gold seller of the year in 2008. The Recording Industry Association of Japan analyzes annual album sales and certifies performers with different titles. Million goes to a record that sells over 1 million copies. Platinum goes to a record with 250,000 sales. And Gold is given for 100,000 sales.

Although TVXQ placed third on the certificate, it is quite an achievement for a Korean group. Million sellers for 2008 went to seven albums by Japanese superstars such as Hikaru Utada and Anmie Amuro.

You can say that TVXQ is now bumping shoulders with Japan’s top-notch. In September of 2008, Mirotic was released as TVXQ’s fourth album. In 103 days, the album sold over 500,000 copies. Let’s hope for TVXQ’s success in Japan. Good work guys!

Source: The Teen Times
Heads-up: 니조랄창민 @DNBN
Credits: xietinloveshero


2 Responses to “[News] TVXQ Captivates Japan”

  1. keep fighting boys!!!
    they’re so cool nee??!!

    thx for this info^^

  2. Definitely! Hehehe!

    You’re welcome.. 🙂

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