[Fan Account] SM Town Live Concert in Bangkok

Well, the gate was open around 2 but I leave home at two hahaha. I arrived at the place around 3:40. They were so many people and well many cover dances too. Some of the cover dance was pretty good. You all know that the grace was not coming right, their fan was show up with few banners. It was so sad to see those fan coming and not be able to see their favorite artist

The concert started with shinee…. I don’t know what is the name of the song that they singing but it was good. Then the next singer (if I remember correct) was girl generation. They sing two or three song. At that time to tell the truth I don’t really care about the other band… I just want to see DBSK….

After waiting finally DBSK turn. Grrrrrrrrrr they open up with Hug with that school uniform Omg Jaejoong (too cute to find a word to describe him) He smile a lot GOD I love his smile. He look so happy today and after Hug they sing……..sorry but I can not remember the name of that song..They sing two songs then other four members went back to the backstage.

Junsu and Eun…(what is him name) sing one love( is that correct, never mind) they sing together and it was pretty good though….But the performance that I waiting for was Jaejoong duet…since we all know that the grace was not coming so What going to happen with Jaejoong Duet…I cross my finger

please let jj have solo stage…but..He with some girl from girl generation sing that duet together T_T….when it coming to the end of his duet I scream so loud….JAEJOONG DON’T DO THOSE HAND THING WITH THAT GIRL…..and yeah he didn’t do it…It was ok if it was Lina but please not with this girl.(sory but I’m kind of yunjae supporter)..

Then not in order they sang purple line (my fav song), O, rising sun and what else um I can not remember all of them. The one that I love most is love in the ice…. It was perfect. I love this song…It was even better than the record version. They all hit the note. In this concert, all of DBSK member seem to be in a good shape. They all sing and dance well.

Yunho in dancing battle was the best…I think it was the song that he dace in Gayo dance battle (is it that one). Jaejoong pick up many gift that fans try to give him but he mostly throw it back to the crown again.

But the one that he did not throw back and keep hold it till the end of the song was The cute elephant doll..it was blue or purple doll…I know that he love elephant so much coz last time in O concert he got the pink elephant from fans too. (I know that I write a lot about Jaejoong but damnnnnnnnn Jaejoong, who not going to fall in love with him if you can see those dorky smile ahhhhhhhhh)

We also prepare the birthday surprise for some members that have bday in feb. Yunho get lock up by some of the super junior member and get the test of the cake in his face hahaha even though I laugh but I kind get some feeling that Yunho piss off a little bit.

Jaejoong seem to be so happy ( didn’t I said that already). He running around like a child so it quite hard to focus on him. Just a minute ago he was in the front stage but in a few second he run back to the main stage lol. He throw the water at some of the suju member and he try to get away but not fast enough. He end up sitting on his knees and beg that suju member….hahaha

The concert end at 9:50 pm…I don’t know if they have any encore. I have to hurry and come home since I have my field trip 2morrow …….that it for my fan account…..

Credits: crazyjj33 + xietinloveshero


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