News + Trans] Subaru Scans

The popular anime-turned-movie “Subaru”- a collaboration between South Korea, China, Singapore and Hong Kong has released its first theatrical trailer and poster. The movie features Meisa Kuroki’s graceful dancing, as well as an appearance from Tohoshinki, who will bring intense dancing and singing in the movie.
“Subaru” is the story of a genius ballerina Subaru Miyamoto who lets her terminally ill brother keep in touch with the outside world by dancing out with exaggerated moves, what goes on outside. Cruel reality and the pain of hopelessness further brings out her talent for ballet, and she eventually moves on to become an international ballerina.
The soundtrack of the movie is extremely star-studded. It includes songs from singers such as Koda Kumi, Boa and Tohoshinki.
The movie will be release on 20th March by Warner Brothers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

Shots of Tohoshinki from the movie:






Source: Baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero

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