[News] Yunho Prays for Choi Jae-Jin to be AFC Champion


Our leader-sshi, U-Know Yunho seems to have a lot of athlete friends. After his friendship with Korean national basket ball player, Yang Hee Jong, revealed, now it’s a Korean football player who is currently playing for Japanse team G-Osaka, Choi Jae-Jin who claimed Yunho as his bff.

[Football Republic] Gamba Osaka (G-Osaka) striker Choi Jae-Jin said to his Japanese team-mate that Korean idol and TVXQ’s leader Yunho was his best friend.

On days of training in Guam, he said “TVXQ’s leader and I are friends.”

Before he came to Japan for G-Osaka AFC Champions League, he told Yunho: “I want to be the champion in G-Osaka” and Yunho replied, “I will pray for you.”

“I’m continuing to mail and call him for all these times… the AFC Champions League final is going to be held soon, and I want to invite him.”

Source: [Football Republic’s reporter Kim Tae Seok Republic] ktsek77@footballrepublic.co.kr
News Written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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