[Trans] Another Saipan Staff Account

Last story from Saipan, as told by Sally, a Korean girl who worked as the sineki bird – the huge blue costumed bird in the pictures (it’s a symbol of Saipan). Apparently, it was quite a task to walk around in the thick woolen costume when the weather was hot.

“I was very excited when I heard that DBSK come to our hotel on Saipan, and even more so when I was said I will work in their team – they’re idols of my whole generation. All my school mates are crazy about them! DBSK are good at singing, dancing and looking, too. While I was working alongside with them, I got to know them a little better. They have a good sense of humour, they are really hardworking and they care about people around them. Although they’re my age they’ve been in show business for over 8 years!

Our marketing department have worked hard for 5 days to prepare everything for their visit. We got the news – that they’ll be coming – in the last minute, so we were really tight on time. Part of their staff came beforehand to help us. DBSK themselves arrived on the night Asiana plane, along with the filming team. Although the plane landed at 1.40 am, they only got out of the airport at 3.30 am. Everyone looked tired and pale. All I could say was “Welcome! This way please…” They hurried to get into the microbus and to the hotel before the filming team. A total of 35 people arrived that night.

In the morning we headed to the beach to start filming the show. It was the first time I was at a filming. When everyone got into the bus, we realized that someone was missing! Xiah Junsu wasn’t there! Nobody knew where he was and nobody’s seen him. We had to go back to the hotel and look for him. He was found in the hotel lobby – sitting by himself and being angry over everyone’s disappearance. His anger made the whole team laugh, so DBSK even used that story in the beginning of their show. The guys are very professional in everything they do. For example, it was interesting to watch them while they worked: they looked worn out during breaks, but as soon as filming started the tiredness evaporated and they looked full of energy. That’s how we filmed the show’s opening… just one minute on screen, but the filming took 3 hours under the scorching sun.

The guys are quite skinny and a little pale and they look physically weak. In real though, they’re very strong young men. They enjoyed being in the PIC hotel at nights when there was no filming. They had time to themselves in the water park and the Byui bar in the hotel. Guests had a chance to sing with them at nights. DBSK went to the bar every night to listen to the hotel’s band. They also had time to swim. Unfortunately, Youngwoong Jaejoong hurt his toe on the last day of their stay. Everyone was shocked and worried, because they were going to fly to Japan after Saipan for more filming. He’s a dancer so toes are important for his dancing. But he reassured everyone that it was okay. When we saw the boys off in the airport on an early morning they thanked us and their words made me happy. It was an honour to work with DBSK!”

Credits for the story: saipanovka@li.ru + xietinloveshero
Translated by: katzk@lj


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