[Info] 4th Korean Album “MIROTIC” – Taiwan Version

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 4 – MIROTIC (CD+DVD) (Deluxe Edition) (Taiwan Version D)

01. Wrong Number
02. 愛情啊 不要哭 (Don’t Cry My Lover)
03. 魔咒-MIROTIC (中文版)
05. HEY! (Don’t bring me down)
06. 心願 (Wish) *Sung by XIAH俊秀, MAX昌珉(TVXQ!), 厲旭, 圭賢(Super Junior)
07. 妳是我的歌 (You’re my melody)
08. 望著..夕陽 (Picture of You)
09. 彩虹 (RAINBOW)
10. 我的愛啊 再見 (Love Bye Love)
11. 樂園 (PARADISE)
12. 惡女 (Are you A Good girl?)
13. Flower Lady
14. Don’t Say Goodbye
15. 流逝的季節
16. Love in the Ice
17. 魔咒-MIROTIC (韓文Clean Acoustic版)

Bonus DVD
[With Chinese Subtitle]

01. 魔咒-MIROTIC (MV拍攝幕後花絮)
02. 魔咒-MIROTIC (Music Video)
03. Wrong Number (MV拍攝幕後花絮)
04. Wrong Number (Music Video)

Pre-Order it here

Source: Yesasia
Credits: xietinloveshero


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