[Trans] Moon Geun Young on Kim Junsu

MGY: Xiah Junsu sings with a voice full of real emotions Actress Moon Geun Young, 22, uses Xiah Junsu’s voice to prove that TVXQ is not just another idol group with only good looks. Moon recently posted on her personal website, calling TVXQ’s song a “Beautiful Thing” (T/N: Think it actually meant she used BT on her website, maybe something got lost during translations.), and saying that “Isn’t Xiah Junsu’s voice proof enough that TVXQ isn’t just another good-looking idol group?” She also said, “I think this way whenever I hear their songs,” and that “He uses his heart and real emotions to sing”. MGY even concluded her entry with “My favourite song, my favourite voice”. She also left a cute message which read, “A dream filled with ‘Beautiful Thing’.” MGY writes on her mini homepage “jukebox” every 2-3 days on music-related articles and has over 100 hits per day. Her mini homepage is fairly popular.

Source: starnew@baidu
Korean to Chinese translation: 桃小西@baidu
Chinese to English translation: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero

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