[Photo’s] DBSK’s Cars

All of them has 2 cars, except for Yoochun who has 3, he just bought his latest yesterday.
It’s Audi RR80 (they said its the same as the car used by iron man wherever he goes).
Back in 2006 when they swept all Daesang Awards, LSM bought each of them Black Lexus.
Yunho has Aqus, Yoochun has Mini and latest Audi, Junsu has SM7, Jaejoong has BMW and Changmin has motorcycle (pic not available) T_T

Yoochun’s Mini


Yoochun’s Lexus


Yoochun’s Audi RR80


Yunho’s Lexus


Yunho’s Aqus


Jaejoong’s BMW


Junsu’s SM7


Credit: Baidu + dbsknights + cassph

One Response to “[Photo’s] DBSK’s Cars”

  1. sommyandhero Says:

    i hav never seen jae drive that bmw but i really want to see

    an i luv the white one of yunho

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