[Info] Songs List for 3rd Asia Tour “MIROTIC”

This list is spread through a Korean blog, so please consider it as unconfirmed until the official site of TVXQ says so.

1. Opening
2. Wrong Number
3. Are You A Good Girl?
4. Break – Instrument.
5. Beautiful Life
6. Would You be My Girlfriend?
7. Flower Lady
8. Love by Love
9. Opening Greeting
10. Rainbow
11. Hero Jaejoong’s Solo: Forgotten Season
12. U-Know Yunho’s Solo: Title unknown, his own self composed dance track.
13. Break – Instrument
14. Small Confession
15. Thanks To
16. Don’t Cry My Lover
17. Break – Instrument.
18. Insa (or Birthday Party) > Maybe it would be Yoochun’s again (Lucky guy, most of his birthday were celebrated on concert stage), which country will be visited in June?
19. MC-ing Part
20. Micky Yoochun’s Solo: All in Vain
21. Max Changmin’s Solo: Not yet determined
22. Xiah Junsu’s solo: XIAHTIC (feat SHINee’s Key)
23. Purple Line
24. Rising Sun
25. Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)
26. Break – Instrument
28. Break – Instrument
29. On and On
30. Don’t Say Good Bye
31. Ending MC part
32. Love is…
33. Crazy Love
34. Image History
35. Love In The Ice
36. Encore



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