[News + Trans] DBSK’s Voices Get Recognized


The questionable quality of idol singers’ voices?
Recently, popular singers such as DBSK, Wonder Girls, SNSD, KARA, Super Junior have had recordings of their live performances put up on the net. These recordings have been stripped of all accompaniment and harmonization, and have caused lots of discussions and controversies on the Internet. Japanese netizens have made use of certain programs to remove all tracks leaving only the voice tracks of these singers and published these files on the Internet. These files have shown the public the true quality of these idols’ voices.
Seven, DBSK, Big Bang and CSHJ have received general approval from netizens due to their “excellent vocal abilities”, and SNSD has also been deemed “passable”.

Source: dongA.com
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero


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