[News] The Stage of TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert – MIROTIC

TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT – MIROTIC concert was held on 20th – 22nd of February at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.


The 36,000 strong crowd were hypnotized by the Asian Idol Dong Bang Shin Ki with the row of their hit songs: MIROTIC, Rising Sun, Wrong Number, Hug, and even their Japanese song Purple Line thus made in total 26 songs performed yesterday.

TVXQ showed their high skills by dancing yet still performing live well which is quite rare to be seen, and Cassiopeia is still the best largest cheering club ever.


Now let’s put aside the boys and their amazing performances for a while, what is another “it” factors of this 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT – MIROTIC? Absolutely, the stage itself.


As the background of the stage, was placed a super wide LED screen 50m x 6m showing animation and effects. The moving stage, turntable with rotation circle venues were built to accommodate the boys going all around the super wide stage. To make it even more detail, the wire suspended performances (where the boys were hung in the air during Changmin’s performance) and high animated background videos are also on.

In addition, for the boys’ safety, MIROTIC concert staffs also prepared cardiovascular safety and in total 250 security personnel were employed.


All those aspects are definitely showing how big the production costs being spent to create this concert, which makes sense as TVXQ concerts are always known for its high reputation.

TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment said, “We did pay a lot to show everyone the highest quality performance. In these 3 days we’ll deliver fans a very good show,”

Source: Newsen
News Written by: Sharing Yoochun

2 Responses to “[News] The Stage of TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert – MIROTIC”

  1. only 12,000 in 3 days? o0

  2. Sorry, I already edited it..
    That 12,000 is only for their first day, coz the concert hall has a capacity of only 12,000.
    Since their concert tickets were all sold out, the audiences that filled the hall for three days straight are 36,000.

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