[News] Idols are the Mirror of their Fans

Fans learn from their stars, as a mirror. They tend to follow their idols in anykind of way.

Most of the leading stars are obvious examples. Trends are somehow led by them, from their image to fashion and life style will be moving to fit the fans.

Idol group’s fans, for example, are ones that tend to be more sensitive to fashion style. It’s not surprising, as big idol star names are guarantee to the successful launching of most clothing brands/accessories. Fanclub that was known by their fashion fever was H.O.T’s club.

However, not just fancy trend that can be mirrored by the fans. Some stars are succeed in encouraging their fans to do social activities, such as donation. One of the famous fanclubs that are known by their fund raising activities and donations are owned by Pequeño Sol and Moon Geun Young, as well as the Idol Group TVXQ.

Fanclub & Donations

(only translated lines related to TVXQ)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is inducing their fans to be active in donation activities. All members of Dong Bang Shin Ki expressed openly to their fans, “We’ll be more grateful if you donate your money to the needs instead of spending them to buy expensive gifts for us”.

Thus, TVXQ fans in the name of TVXQ members changed their spending purpose and have been proceeding donations for welfare or donate their money to foundations. Until now, the amount that was already delivered for their social activities is up to 10,000,000.

For the donations activities done by their fans, TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho commented, “The fans really have so much money, and I’m so proud of what they have done, they did a good job.”

“The hearts of our fans, I will never be able to forget.” he added.

Source: London | [Servo Hyeon Gi-ja]
News written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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