[News] Thailand Prepared New Show!, TVXQ, SJ and Others Must Be Aware!

Saranae Howpeang ! Sent Challenge Letter to Artists | Famouse people | All over Asia : If you know that you are famous; You must be prepared!


4 guys from Saraenae “Hold hands with Sahamongkon Film Making “Saranae Howpeang” new version!

This time all of the famous people over Asia have to be aware. When the news of how ‘Lucks Film’ and ‘Sahamongkon Film’ hold hands making this project ‘Saranae
Howpeang’ came out eveybody gets excited.

This show was on Tv for more than 11 years. And this time this project will be air in theater.

Super stars that have been the victims of this show were more than 580 people! For this project the MCs of this show(Which are Willy-Ple-Hoi) have invited one more MC(Which is Pae) that was in the backgroud of the show. He is the one who makes all the jokes.


This show is all about teasing, annoying, irritating all the stars! ‘Pae’ the 4th MC will choose the star whose will get tease, annoy, irritate by himself. The stars that will be on the show they’ll never know that they are on tape! So it quite funny to see how they’ll react to those 4

This project named many of many that are the best of the best in Thailand like Chompoo-Arraya, Juccajun-Arcaumsiri, Ann-Thongprasoom. They even named all the best singers in Thailand such as Noi from Plu, August, Bi the star, even the hottest young star around Mario Mourer etc.

Anybody in Asia can be their victims for this project for sure!

The producers even said that this project won’t be only in Thailand!!! They will get all the Super stars all over Asia such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Baby V.O.X Re.V, Wonder Girls, Juan Jihun, Won Bin, Se7en, Tata Young, Bird Thongchai, etc.!!!

When the Super stars over Asia have to be the ‘victims’ of this project what will they do? What will they say? Wait a bit and you’ll get the answers…

Source: Pantip
English Translation: Ammy_Love_Tvxq@Tvxqmaice
Credits: nana_2 @Yunho-sshi + TVXQfever


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