[News] The Study of Mirotic


A certain High School in China used a Mirotic article as their comprehension passage.

Here’s the passage:

FINALLY, the wait is over. Much to the excitement of fans, South Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki released their new album, Mirotic, on September 29. Once again, the five boys have displayed their appeal (吸引力) with powerful beats (节拍) and memorable tunes (曲调).
The title of the leading song, Mirotic, comes from the Korean word “miro” which means “maze” (迷宫) and the English suffix (后缀)”tic”.
“It is meant to describe the kind of feeling one has when he falls in love with someone at first sight ” said member U-Know (郑允浩). “It’s like being trapped in a maze.”

It is reported that the album has sold 90,000 copies two days after its release. It has risen to No 1 on the weekly chart in South Korea.
While you enjoy the catchy song, don’t miss the band’s trademark dancing moves. This time Dong Bang Shin Ki worked with famous dance choreographer (舞蹈编排) Kenny Wormald, who once cooperated with American pop stars including Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.
The band began working on the new record in early 2007 and didn’t finish until June this year.
“We have plunged (投入) ourselves into the producing work. We see the album as an opportunity to show our fans that we have made progress on a daily basis, ” said member Xiah (金俊秀). “We won’t let them down.”

It is this aspiring (有抱负的) attitude that keeps the band going in the highly competitive entertainment world. The band never sets boundaries (边界) to their music styles. Since their 2003 debut (首次登台), they have tried pop, R&B and ballads (民歌). After winning the hearts of thousands of teenagers across Asia, they haven’t slow down. This year, Dong Bang Shin Ki has starred in two TV.

(T/N: I think they mean TV commercials.)

Source: Baidu
Credits: tvxq@tieba.baidu + TVXQfever


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