[News] TVXQ & SNSD ‘Clear’ Wonder Girls & Kara ‘Cloudy’

Artists who are benefiting from the MR Video craze are TVXQ and SNSD. As a group who emphasizes singing, TVXQ sets the standard high. In the case of Xiah Junsu, he has amazing skill which results in much pushing to release a solo album.

A representative in the music industry says, “TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu has the level of vocal skill as that of the most accomplished veteran singers. They, as a group, have gone over the wall of being idol singers who can’t sing and only dance. Bi, Seven, and Son Ho Young, among others, have also increased their skill level. We can see this as progress for these singers who were once considered or still are idol singers.”

Source: inews365.com
Trans (DBSK’s part) by: jesshee @Soompi
Credits: LeeYen @TVXQAustralia + TVXQfever


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