[Trans] Steady Magazine Takeda’s Blog

This is the whole translation of Takeda’s blog entry.

Hello this is Takeda!
The new month has already come so early
So it’s time to notice you this month issue
Let’s see what we have around here ★
And this is a big announcements for today!
Our issue with tremendous sensation!

TVXQ × Mikiko date plan !!! (T/N: Mikiko is the female model that will be shot together)
But only two members that will appear first
Changmin is up again and Yoochun
All these three people will dress in costumes
by stylish brand Chloe, One of the three people dress in costumes, クロエ

If there are only two people, then it’s just a date
But how to approach if there are 3 people (T/N: not sure.. not sure..)
And also this!!
Changmin gives present to Yoochun
Special for you!!!
(Note: for the pictures, please refer to the post just below)
Those two actually ever appeared in August edition.
But, at that time, I still do not know TVXQ. ^^

I’m in LOVE <3<3

Especially with Yoochun!
I often change Yoochun’s hairstyle.
The hair is cute now^^
As the pages of the magazine is printed.
Those two are so nice. (Yoochun & Changmin)
Please do not miss it!

Source: Murasaki Hashidoi + tkj.boxerblog.com/steady/
Translated by: sharingyoochun


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