[Trans] JJ Magazine April 2009 – Yunho and Yoochun Interview 022509

Yunho said, “Embarrassedly, we can only film together with the members.”
Yoochun said, “I’ll send her a song only composed by me.”

A happy date is made by schools boys. Many school girls expect that, that time will come but then, boys become lesser and lesser. But, TVXQ is different from them. For this month, they will appear in “dream date”! For this month, we will show you Yunho and Yoochun’s news.

We are always busy. If we have time to rest, we want to go to Okinawa and enjoy the sea. I will not bring too much things. I will only bring things which are important like camera. Since I was in still in middle school, I really like to take photos. I always bring my camera and take shots of different places. These days, I am using a professional camera as a camera man. I use that camera to take a shot of her beautiful smile, we take pictures together, and wear unisex clothes and make photos. We do anything that will look good. If I wear blue jeans, she would wear skirt with the same style and color. Or, mini jeans skirts too, will look good. I like school girls wearing miniskirts. Oh, I think it wandered over the point (smiling). It will be very hard for us to stay together. I hope we can take more shots as like eating food in an icebox.

The sweet memories will be kept forever. If we do not have time to go to Okinawa, we can also go to some night scenes in some places. We can go everywhere. If we do not have professional camera, we will just use the ordinary camera. Today’s ordinary camera is better than the older ones. Function of today’s camera is just fine. In fact, during my work in Okinawa, I have taken a photo in HONG BRIDGE. I also took some photos in some sea sceneries in Okinawa. Unfortunately, those pictures are TVXQ’s members (laughing).

For example, in her birthday, I will rent a restaurant. The place will be… ahahaha. A street near in a hill. It isn’t a noisy place. I will prepare a dinner for the two of us, and I will escort her carefully. And then, we will enjoy eating while chatting. We will speak more than we usually speak in other time. We will talk of different things.

Then, I will send her a surprise gift. A song which is I compose only for her. I have written it for TVXQ. But I will sing it only for her. I will play the song that I have learned for a long time. I have made a song that will make her feel relax. I feel embarrassed. But then, I like to play the piano with lyrics as if it was a piece of love letter. There is no other feeling. All I can think is her mood, warm and happiness. The music can deceive her but all I want is her. Her character is like a woman that can have a family. Even though she can cook and be a role model those are not my needs. She is just a simple person. Happy for whatever I give her even it is just a simple thing. I also want to be like her. Being just with her makes me feel so happy. When we go in far places I’ am contented with her. We’ll go in XIANG HILL and if she wants to give me in return, her smile is enough!

Source: TVXQbaidu
Translated by: Jaeho_lover@TVXQFever


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