[Trans] TVXQ – MV History in Japan



Broadcast :

3/21(Saturday) 21:00-23:00
3/23(Monday) 12:00
3/29(Sunday) 23:00

Coming out first time on Kouhuku Red&White Event’s stage (sorry, i forgot the event’s name ><) had the highest form of fastening year 2008 of TVXQ, making them hard to forget, and on January 29 they’ve released their first single in year 2009.

Because of  these three tracks ‘Bolero’, ‘Kiss The Baby Sky’, ‘Wasurenaide’, they received strong triple A (AAA) appraisal, which yet again caused another round of great discussion.

TVXQ who first debuted in Korea back in 2004 with solid vocals pairing with their ability to do vigorous dance moves and with their handsome appearances, they quickly became Korea’s top artist.

In the spring of 2005, TVXQ showed high popularity  when they debuted in Japan with their first released japanese album.

Last year, four singles from TVXQ repeatedly reached #1 on the charts, becoming the 1st foreigner to receive such amazing results.
Not only in Japan and Korea that they are very welcomed but also in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian regions.

Even till now just using their two hours of special music videos can recall back their glorious journey. TVXQ use their job as their weapon beacuse the main vocal can easily handle singing without any accompaniment with all the members as lead.

Let us enjoy their charisma with satisfaction!

Credits : UKnowKing + TVXQBaiduBar
Translated by : crazee@tvxqfever


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