[Trans] TVXQ Wrote A Letter To The Chinese Cassiopeia While At Japan

Hello, our lovely fans , we are TVXQ. We are very happy to write to everyone to leave a message, appreciating everyone’s support. We don’t understand Chinese. So it’s difficult to find the Chinese websites. Then we see a forum of having our pictures, finally we found this!…
U-Know’s foot injury is much better, appreciating everyone’s concern. Xiah is also much better, thanks to everyone. So, everybody, please take care of your health!
We aren’t very happy, neither are the people around us. We’d really like a break but at the same time, we want to continue with our activities.
But health is still the most important thing!
Please do not worry about us, we are very healthy so please don’t worry! Especially when it makes you sad to know that we’re sick. As you can see, we would really like to meet up with everyone healthily and sincerely… your words can change us and at the same time become our motivation, did you know?
Please, absolutely do not cry, when we see so many fans cry because of us in front of me media, we feel very upset and painful. We find the time spent with you guys very precious and valuable, and we want to keep these times as our treasures. Being with everyone when we’re on the stage is a form of support for us as well.
We are sincerely grateful for everyone’s love towards us, and we look forward to meeting you guys again.
We will work even harder. We love Fairy (“Fairy” is the literal translation of what the Chinese fans call themselves, they used to say that TVXQ had a special name for Japanese fans but not Chinese fans, well they do have one now ^^) …forever we will be together .
We are in Japan now, it is 11:00pm and it’s already late, we are very tired. So we can only leave a short message. We will leave another message when we have time. We like the feeling of being sleepy and the surroundings quiet. Zzzz… goodnight.

We really love you. Thanks to everyone.^^
Micky, U-know, Hero, XiAH ,MAX
大家好,我们可爱的fans,我们是东方神起。我们很高兴为大家留言,非常感谢大家的支持。我们不懂中文,所以很难找到网址, 当我们看到有一个网站有很多我们的照片时,就找到了这个网站。

Credits: baidu + tvxqfever


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