[Trans] ‘Subaru’ Screening Repo – By 新星堂 Staff


I’m lucky because i get to participate the screening event of ‘Subaru’ which will premiere on March 20. *some actor* is very cute, *don’t know who* is very handsome, i enjoy the movie a lot. Reason why i was asked to participate japanese movie screening is… (Miss Shiseki, because TVXQ is in the movie, so must go and watch~ (^_^) )
Because it hasn’t premiere yet so i can’t let it slip however the fans who likes to get to know more about TVXQ can go to the cinema to watch it… though their appearing scene is very short~. When BoA, Tenjochiki’s songs was on some of the scenes, i smiled.
On March 18, ‘Subaru’ Compilation album will be release. On the other side, ‘Subaru’ for ballet has captured its passion,  please look out for it! (Actually this paragraph talks about the compliation album only so i’m skipping)
Thought about what TVXQ’s name will appear as when it’s ending roll. Each of their names? When i was thinking about it, saw their group name appeared and felt disappointed… For the producer names, it came out Lee SooMan!!
Translators Notes:
*This is a
staff's entry from some place and I don't know who are the actors
he/she was talking about so i'll just skip their names*
*Last paragraph is about music station and asking the fans
to cheer for them*

Source: togethertvxq
credit: as tagged + TVXQbaidu
Translation: crazee@tvxqfever

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