[Trans] Report from KHB ECOLIVE Sendai Vol. 4


Since the MC only got lack of part, under such circumstances Tohoshinki had to overcome it by their own.

As they finished performing Summer Dream, Jaejoong started the conversation, “This is the fifth time that we’ve come to Sendai, the air here is really fresh! Yeah, even if we compare it to the weather in Seoul, it’s not that cold. Today is so sunny.” he said.

“We came here by plane.” Jaejoong added. “But then, there’s no flight schedule between Tokyo and Sendai, right?? Alright I’m kidding~” *laughs*

Yoochun was in fact getting cold, he couldn’t stop coughing. He looked like he suffered a lot. I hope he’s getting well soon. His hair was also getting longer than before.

Junsu told everyone that he already ate beef tongue.

Tohoshinki’s lunch was ordered from a restaurant in Zepp Sendai.

Then there was a simple discussion about ECOLIVE.

Actually Tohoshinki got invitations from other Japan events that day, since the boys were really concerned about ECOLIVE, they decided to come here.

Tohoshinki looked so relax, it’s a really fun event that can’t be told only with words.

Therefore, Sendai will broadcast this live event in March.

Source: ecolive + together tvxq
Translations: Sharing Yoochun


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