[Trans] TVXQ and Smap’s Performance on SMAPxSMAP


Korea and Japan’s shining stars in the singing industry become one through music.

Group TVXQ appeared in a music show hosted by Japan’s SMAP, “SMAPXSMAP”, which is an immensely popular show aired on FUJI TV. The two groups also performed on a common stage.
The episode, which was aired on the 2nd of March, featured the two groups performing TVXQ’s “Purple Line” and “Why Did I Fall For You?”; this also served to build up friendships between the two groups. Not only were the SMAP members familiar with the choreography of “Purple Line”, they were also relatively familiar with and able to perform both of TVXQ’s songs. This made fans of the two groups elated.

Other than the interactive stage between members of the two groups, the show also aired humourous scenes of TVXQ and SMAP joking around with each other and bringing laughter to the audience.

SMAP members asked TVXQ, “Did you guys learn Japanese through Japanese dramas?”, to which Hero Jaejoong replied, “Engine, Good Luck, Long Vacation etc, these shows were quite interesting.” All the shows Hero Jaejoong mentioned casted Takuya Kimura. After hearing this, Masahiro Nakai commented that “All of us have acted in dramas before.” Mood maker Xiah Junsu said, “Utaban was very interesting as well.”, causing SMAP members to laugh loudly. Utaban is not a Japanese drama, but a music programme hosted by Masahiro Nakai. Laughter also ensued when Xiah Junsu performed his gags.

Other than that, U-Know Yunho also performed his version of counting in 3s. The other members also showcased their various talents, causing the audience to laugh continously.
This particular episode of “SMAPXSMAP” introduced TVXQ as “A super group that started from Korea, a group of 5 who are equipped with extraordinary performing abilities and vocals.”

Source: DNBN
Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever

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