[Audio] What’s Up SMAP – Kimura Talks About THSK 090130

Kimura of SMAP talking:
THSK came to greet us. All five of them!
They tried to speak to us earnestly in Japanese but
then Chuyoshi(another SMAP member-sorry don’t know how to write his name) said to them, “thank you for coming to find us” in Korean. THSK members were like “huh, what is he saying?” They couldn’t understand him (lol he must’ve had a thick Korean accent). I told him he to speak correctly (?-not sure). I was happy that the members came to see us. Imagine, all the members were in SMAP’s waiting room. There were so many people. What’s more everyone all together is really nice (don’t know if he’s referring to their personality or their looks). Can you imagine it?

Credit: land01@daum+ yun206


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