[News] 8 Months after Its Release,Why Did I Fall In Love Becomes #1 at Japanese iTunes TOP SONGS 090305


Tohoshinki’s 23rd Japan single, “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?” was announced as the first in Japanese 5 TOP SONGS iTunes.

“Doushi-te” was released in July last year, and now 8 months after the release date, its popularity still continues and even is more attractive. Doushi-te so far got 4.5 star out of 5 stars in iTunes review.

iTunes chart:
a chart provided by the world’s best MP3 player which is produced under Apple company.

People uses iTunes to download music, and the frequency of people downloading specific song at iTunes, is the based of iTunes chart.

Not only United States’ iTunes chart that can be considered as the most reliable one, all countries whose residents have a lot of iPod and use iTunes, the chart in such countries can be considered reliable as well.

iTunes chart has almost the same popularity as Billboard album chart in United States.

Tohoshinki beated Japanese singer, TANIA with her song “Kimi No Subeteni” which was spotted at 2nd and also ABBA’s Dancing Queen at 3rd. Names of singers listed in top 10 of Japanese iTunes includes Kimaguren’s “LIFE”, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Hibari, Backstreet Boys’ “I want it that way”, and Britney Spears’ “Womanizer”.

Itune Chart

Japanese fans after listened to “Doushi-te”, left lot of comments at iTunes board, “Everytime I listened to this song, even until now, I still can see how Tohoshinki is getting improved.” and also, “This song is so sad. I’ve already listened to it many times, but I never get bored.”

“Doushi-te” became ORICON Daily Singles Chart topper at the day of its release and also became the first at ORICON Weekly Singles Chart, proving its high popularity even from the start.

Source: star news
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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