[News] DBSK in “Fast and Furious 4”

Yes. You read that correctly. Dong Bang Shin Ki has a song in the film “Fast and Furious”, fourth in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Daysgoby and I were sitting defenselessly watching an advanced screening of “Fast and Furious” (the film comes out next month) and we heard these sounds….familiar, but out of place sounds. We looked at each other, I gave her an, “are you effing hearing this?!”, look and she returned it. It was Yoochun’s fobby Engrish that I noticed first and then I recognized the beat.

Yes, folks, while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. Han, from, “Tokyo Drift” was in the film, there was a random Korean character that Vin Diesel held out of a window, there was not one Korean dry cleaner and DBSK had a song in the film. ‘Nuff Respect.

So, yes, DBSK has had, to date, the best musical debut of any other artist because their song was in a big money Hollywood film. Sure, no one knew it was a boy band, nor did anyone watching the movie actually care about anything besides the intense chase scene. But I knew and Daysgoby knew, DBSK had arrived (and would soon be ushered when the film leaves theaters).

If you’re wondering about the film, however, let’s just say it was about as good as “Rising Sun”. (For the record, the song is entertaining but overall rather bad.)

Source: illdielaughing @Seoulbeats
Credits: tvxqfever


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