[News] High F/X Rate a Boon for Korean Singers

The soaring won-dollar exchange rate has prompted Korean singers to look overseas for more lucrative deals. Rain, TVXQ, Jewelry, Shin Seung-hoon and other famed Korean pop singers have upped the number of their engagements overseas. The weakening Korean won against the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen means more earnings for K-pop singers on foreign stages. Their representatives are reportedly very busy planning concerts, fan meetings, and other events in foreign locations.

For instance, Rain held fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka on January 12th and 14th. He drew more than 3,000 fans at each of four meetings, once again demonstrating the power of his stardom. He’s now planning an Asian tour. TVXQ already released the group’s 26th single in Japan and is getting ready for third Asian tour concerts. Korea’s ballad king Shin Seung-hoon will also release his second regular album in Japan on April 25th. He’ll also tour four cities in Japan from late April to early May.

Source: AsianBite
Credits: TVXQfever


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