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[Info] THSK in Ravex’s New Album

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「悪い子見つけた。 feat. Ando yuko」
「Bangalicious feat. Anna T」
「V.I.P.P. (Very Important Party People) feat. TRF&VERBAL」

Credits: DNBN + Teemania @OneTVXQ! + TVXQfever


[Info + Trans] “I nearly became the 5th member of TVXQ”- Choi Myeong Seung

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“I would have become the 5th member of TVXQ!”
So said Choi Myeung Seung, who starred in an MBC drama and started out as a member of an idol group. He was offered a place in TVXQ, but rejected it due to his parents’ objections.
In a recent interview, Choi revealed that, “I was offered a contract with SM Entertainment in early 2003 in my first year of high school, but I hesistated” and “I went into negotiating details with SM with my parents, and they were forming TVXQ at that time and the company was interested in recruiting me.”
At that time, SM Entertainment was planning to form TVXQ, who was expected to become a top notch group not only in Korea but also the rest of Asia. However, Choi did not accept the offer due to personal reasons. He then decided to “Work even harder to start [his] showbiz activities with a fresh new look” in order to attain [his] parents’ approval.”
He rejected a large company’s offer due to his dreams of wanting to be an actor, and “dreams of becoming an artist as great as TVXQ”.

Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever

[Info] “9095” Is Jaejoong Self Composed + Arranged Song

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9095, one of the song in The Secret Code, was composed and arranged by Jaejoong himself.
The song was reviewed to have a complicated medium up tempo and difficult Japanese words.

Credits: SYC + DNBN + + kpop jjang

[Info + Photos] Tohoshinki Official Website Revamped + 4th Live Tour “Secret Site”

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Check out the Tohoshinki Official Website and their New Special Site for 4th Live Tour 2009!









Credits: Tohoshinki Japanese Website + TVXQFever

[Info] Bigeastation 090302

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Music 01 Kiss The Baby Sky 東方神起 RZCD-46109
Music 02 Survivor 東方神起 RZCD-46155
Music 03 Bolero 東方神起 RZCD-46109

Credits: DNBN + Bigeastation + TVXQfever

[Info] Thailand’s Selection: 20 Cutest Korean Guys

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1.金贤重 Kim Hyun Joong
2.赵仁成 Jo In-Seong
3李民浩 Lee Min Ho
4.张根锡 Jang Geun Suk
5.郑日宇 Il-woo Jeong
6.张东健 Jang Dong Geun
7.金范 Kim Bum
8.姜东元 Kang Dong-won
10 .金元俊 Kim Won Jun
12.金希澈 Kim Hee Chul
13.李俊基 Lee Jun Ki
14.金在中 Kim Jae Joong
15.元彬 Won Bin
16.金在佑 Kim Jae Wook
17.李弘基 Lee Hong Ki
19李泰民 Lee TaeMin
20.李胜基 Lee Seunggi

Translators Note: Sorry, couldn't provide the whole translation of the names.
Because I don't know those celebs and never heard of them ><  

Credits: TVXQbaidu
Translation by: crazee@tvxqfever

[Info] Avex Access Ranking

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Our guys are in the 1st place! Congrats for them.. ♥♥


Source: Avex Network
Credits: DNBN + TVXQFever