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[Trans] A Guy Fan Wrote About TVXQ For TVXQ

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A guy from

I only know,
I like you guys,
not because of your appearances.
It’s only because of your kindness, honesty, courage, genuineness,
only because of your extraordinary strengths.
You guys are my role model,my purpose.
A group of God’s children.

Donated blood because were penniless to buy cookies,
Relief though life’s torturous,
Although the oldest but very pure,
Such Hero JaeJoong,
Who would not like?

Taking on an everlasting mission,
Canonical dancing king,said “I will not let anyone leave” firmly,
Caused everyone to forget that he is only a child.
Loving such U-Know YunHo still need a reason?

Wage because of his little brother,
Tears fall till dawn because of a broken home,
Self learned talented pianist,but says, “I’m not a good composer”.
He is Micky YooChun whom we love so much.

Being called as invincible teenager,
Worked hard for six years to succeed his dream,
Painfully cried a lot when he lost his voice during puberty,
but still never said “give up” these two words.
support you, Xiah Junsu!

Never really talk during variety shows,
Didn’t give up education though live such hectic life,
Humbly says, “I’m not important”.
Sincere, honest, mature.
He is ChoiKang ChangMin whom many are envious of.

Great at rapping,
Heavenly voice,
Perfect composing,
Causes giddiness kind of choreography,
Amazing advancing speed for foreign languages,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Everyone is perfect to the limit,
Timeless perfection,
Making us having hard time to choose our favorite,
Each of them are uniquely perfect,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Whatever the setbacks,
Regardless of the low tide or high tide,
Good times and bad times,
Unity from beginning to the end,
sharing the glory or shame,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

innocent,showing everyone their mischievous side,
regardless of their image,
doesn’t have a diva’s attitude.
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Micky YooChun’s perfect sexiness,
ChoiKang ChangMin’s intelligent cuteness,
Xiah JunSu’s artistic talents,
Hero JaeJong’s bumpy indomitableness,
U-Know YunHo’s strong determinations,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

I really want to know,
loving and supporting them really need a reason?
If it’s really necessary for ten thousand reasons,
I’ll still say the same thing for ten thousand times,
“Because universally there’s no one like TVXQ!”

Making it hard for people not to love them.

Cassiopeia understands, that’s why they’ve build one large red ocean.
Heaven’s Cassiopeia will keep shining.

Therefore, please continue to hwaiting! AZA FIGHTING!
Hwaiting together!!

–wrote it for TVXQ who had debut for 5 years {兄弟团 小卷}

Translation: crazee@tvxqfever

[Trans] TVXQ and Smap’s Performance on SMAPxSMAP

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Korea and Japan’s shining stars in the singing industry become one through music.

Group TVXQ appeared in a music show hosted by Japan’s SMAP, “SMAPXSMAP”, which is an immensely popular show aired on FUJI TV. The two groups also performed on a common stage.
The episode, which was aired on the 2nd of March, featured the two groups performing TVXQ’s “Purple Line” and “Why Did I Fall For You?”; this also served to build up friendships between the two groups. Not only were the SMAP members familiar with the choreography of “Purple Line”, they were also relatively familiar with and able to perform both of TVXQ’s songs. This made fans of the two groups elated.

Other than the interactive stage between members of the two groups, the show also aired humourous scenes of TVXQ and SMAP joking around with each other and bringing laughter to the audience.

SMAP members asked TVXQ, “Did you guys learn Japanese through Japanese dramas?”, to which Hero Jaejoong replied, “Engine, Good Luck, Long Vacation etc, these shows were quite interesting.” All the shows Hero Jaejoong mentioned casted Takuya Kimura. After hearing this, Masahiro Nakai commented that “All of us have acted in dramas before.” Mood maker Xiah Junsu said, “Utaban was very interesting as well.”, causing SMAP members to laugh loudly. Utaban is not a Japanese drama, but a music programme hosted by Masahiro Nakai. Laughter also ensued when Xiah Junsu performed his gags.

Other than that, U-Know Yunho also performed his version of counting in 3s. The other members also showcased their various talents, causing the audience to laugh continously.
This particular episode of “SMAPXSMAP” introduced TVXQ as “A super group that started from Korea, a group of 5 who are equipped with extraordinary performing abilities and vocals.”

Source: DNBN
Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever

[Trans] Report from KHB ECOLIVE Sendai Vol. 4

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Since the MC only got lack of part, under such circumstances Tohoshinki had to overcome it by their own.

As they finished performing Summer Dream, Jaejoong started the conversation, “This is the fifth time that we’ve come to Sendai, the air here is really fresh! Yeah, even if we compare it to the weather in Seoul, it’s not that cold. Today is so sunny.” he said.

“We came here by plane.” Jaejoong added. “But then, there’s no flight schedule between Tokyo and Sendai, right?? Alright I’m kidding~” *laughs*

Yoochun was in fact getting cold, he couldn’t stop coughing. He looked like he suffered a lot. I hope he’s getting well soon. His hair was also getting longer than before.

Junsu told everyone that he already ate beef tongue.

Tohoshinki’s lunch was ordered from a restaurant in Zepp Sendai.

Then there was a simple discussion about ECOLIVE.

Actually Tohoshinki got invitations from other Japan events that day, since the boys were really concerned about ECOLIVE, they decided to come here.

Tohoshinki looked so relax, it’s a really fun event that can’t be told only with words.

Therefore, Sendai will broadcast this live event in March.

Source: ecolive + together tvxq
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

[Trans] 090228 – 090301 UFO Replies – YunJaeMin

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[Trans] HOME MADE Kazoku & THSK!!

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[Trans] Changmin’s Pure Introduction: The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Talk 022109

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[Trans] CS – MJTV – Both Popularity And Strength Of TVXQ Being Request For Special Repertoire

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TVXQ, special repertoire requested.
According to everyone’s vote online before, TVXQ’s special repertoire program is to be broadcast.
There are a lot of voted programs including Live performance. Because of similar comments like “Live performances are so hot!”, will broadcast some live performances for everyone.
Because it’s impossible to show all of the shows at once, there will be part 2 to be air^^
So everyone please anticipate !!

TVXQ’s Program Broadcasting Details[1st half]
3/1 (Sunday) 15.00 – 15.30
3/3 (Tuesday) 26.30 *I don’t know why they’ve type 26.30 either*
3/6 (Friday) 18.30
3/7 (Saturday) 15.30
3/9 (Monday) 19.00
3/10 (Tuesday) 10.00
3/13 (Friday) 11.00
3/14 (Saturday) 21.30
3/15 (Sunday) 15.00
3/17 (Tuesday) 26.30 *Again lol XD*

[2nd half]
3/20 (Friday) 18.30 – 19.00
3/21 (Saturday) 15.30
3/23 (Monday) 19.00
3/24 (Tuesday) 10.00
3/27 (Friday) 11.00
3/28 (Saturday) 21.30
3/29 (Sunday) 15.00
3/31 (Tuesday) 23.30

Credit: TVXQbaidu
Translation: crazee@tvxqfever

[Trans] TVXQ Is Leading Korean Wave

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Recently, Japan’s leading music industry’s staff sigh for despair because young Korean artists’ popularity. Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries’ important music territory are being occupied by Korea’s TVXQ, Big Bang and other Korean artists but before, idols’ market has always been occupied by Japan’s bands. In Asia, the best with singing are the Koreans, this kind of right saying are heard a lot. SMTown concert was held in Bangkok with 40 000 audiences filled the stadium. SM artists like TVXQ, SJ, Jang Ri In, SNSD and SHINee uses ‘are u happy’, ‘I love you’ and other phrases in thai to greet everyone, causing fans to cheer more. Overall, though Korean Wave is a bit stagnating/dull but the music heat phenomenon did not cascaded.

Source: naver
Credit: TVXQbaidu
Translation: crazee@tvxqfever

[Trans] ‘Subaru’ Screening Repo – By 新星堂 Staff

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I’m lucky because i get to participate the screening event of ‘Subaru’ which will premiere on March 20. *some actor* is very cute, *don’t know who* is very handsome, i enjoy the movie a lot. Reason why i was asked to participate japanese movie screening is… (Miss Shiseki, because TVXQ is in the movie, so must go and watch~ (^_^) )
Because it hasn’t premiere yet so i can’t let it slip however the fans who likes to get to know more about TVXQ can go to the cinema to watch it… though their appearing scene is very short~. When BoA, Tenjochiki’s songs was on some of the scenes, i smiled.
On March 18, ‘Subaru’ Compilation album will be release. On the other side, ‘Subaru’ for ballet has captured its passion,  please look out for it! (Actually this paragraph talks about the compliation album only so i’m skipping)
Thought about what TVXQ’s name will appear as when it’s ending roll. Each of their names? When i was thinking about it, saw their group name appeared and felt disappointed… For the producer names, it came out Lee SooMan!!
Translators Notes:
*This is a
staff's entry from some place and I don't know who are the actors
he/she was talking about so i'll just skip their names*
*Last paragraph is about music station and asking the fans
to cheer for them*

Source: togethertvxq
credit: as tagged + TVXQbaidu
Translation: crazee@tvxqfever

[Trans] Liberty Times Newspaper 022809 – TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert – MIROTIC Part 2

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